Does the fact that the Bible was written over two thousand years ago mean it's outdated and doesn't take into account modern actions?

Posted by: Teni_A

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Yes, the Bible is too outdated and its hard to follow the rules

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No, people should still be able to follow the rules of the Bible.

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God takes past present and future into account. Following the rules of the Bible is possible through him.

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Not to mention, God doesn't expect us to follow all of the rules, that's why he sent Jesus. We're all sinners.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-10T10:09:00.0976910-06:00
More Gibberish ... WHY don't you jerks do some research before Starting, Voting on, Commenting on, Garbage? The New Testament may have been written in a form of Greek that existed about 335- 600 A.D. The books that were chosen to be in the Bible - (by the so- called "Holy Roman Catholic Church" ) were apparently chosen at the Council of Trent ( 1545- 1563) . Many books were rejected. My name wasn't Jesus- I had a Hebrew name, pronounced Yeshua. My teachings aren't, & never will be, outdated.
missmedic says2014-12-10T10:34:12.4650774-06:00
The bible is a very poor source for moral guidance
Tonius5 says2014-12-10T11:02:07.3998146-06:00
Not a good source of morals? I suppose the communist manifesto is better, then?
debate_power says2014-12-10T16:07:54.9690175-06:00
The Bible's rules are impossible to follow according to the Bible, since everyone is a sinner and existence of sin means more than number of sins committed. Remember that part where Jesus was saying that having anger towards someone was essentially the same as killing them? The Bible basically says that everyone is equally bad. Sounds like something a communist would say. Moreover, the more I think about it, the more Jesus looks like an anarchist. He taught that, basically, God will overlook all of your wrongdoings and, as long as you believe (you don't even really have to worship) you'll attain the only thing that's actually worth anything. Weird.
debate_power says2014-12-10T16:09:27.7103841-06:00
@Tonius What's this about morals? The Marx/Engels "Communist Manifesto" concerns matters of political economy, not morals. All it mentions about morals is that the prevailing morals are the ideas of the current ruling class.
Conspiracy_Solver says2014-12-10T16:33:10.9378875-06:00
I'm bout to say something you guys are going to judge and comment blasphemy and stuff, but listen nothing is impossible unless you put your mind to it. Yes everyone sins, but if you sinned you usually pray and asked for forgiveness.
Tonius5 says2014-12-10T17:08:12.3585687-06:00
When you find those who follow the Bible's teachings to the best of their ability, you'll usually find very pleasant, kind and respectful people. For those who ignore the Bible's teaching, you couldn't say the same. It is impossible for a human to 100% follow the Bible's laws, but to those who respect the lord and make a change in their lives, it's easy to stick as close as possible.
Conspiracy_Solver says2014-12-10T17:14:34.1939591-06:00
@Tonius That's what I meant, but I didn't to right page long stuff like I have been doing.
ConservativeDebater says2014-12-13T07:13:30.9889272-06:00
Tonious5 your exactly right.

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