Does the feminist agenda annoy you?

Posted by: mishapqueen

I am a girl, so I am not misogynist, however, I personally find the constant push for gender equality wearing. Do you?

  • I'm tired of the Feminist agenda.

  • The Feminist agenda is important and should be continued.

79% 22 votes
21% 6 votes
  • They complain at everything.

  • Genders are equal, even if they're not, the government can't do anything more.

  • I'm tired of feminists acting like their first-world problems are the most important and then blaming the patriarchy.

  • I'm not against equality, but there are limitations in this case. Men and women are not equal. They are not the same. Society can only do so much.

  • I'm 54 & I've never felt that it did anything for me or my generation! If anything, it only made things more difficult, i.e. resentment, misunderstandings, tension, etc.

  • Yes, their agenda contradicts their definition of what feminism is all about. They did all these campaigns on tiny little unnecessary things.

  • i've had enough of the gender inequality. there is not a week goes by without the media constantly bringing up trivial issues regarding men at fault. the men in power are too frightened to say anything against it for fearing of losing their jobs due to the influence of the feminist brigade. about time a member of parliament and media chiefs stand up and say enough is enough

  • No I'm pretty fine with it.. Continue👍

  • No...but they may have screwed themselves over because now many women are expected to still do all the duties of motherhood and homemaking and work too!

    Posted by: MrChen
  • Because I intend on marrying well, and I can't do that if my wife and I are only making 75cents to a man's dollar. Also, Brock Turner is an idiot.

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gotleib says2014-06-23T21:10:33.0676082-05:00
The wording in this is not only unfair, but very biased. Calling it an agenda by itself is quite sinister. Putting Borat as the character, and mocking the feminist agenda as stupid and unintelligent is even more biased. This cannot be voted on right, because it is so biased and anchored towards anti-feminism.
mishapqueen says2014-06-23T21:12:04.8580082-05:00
Sorry. I didn't mean to. I was actually trying not to be biased. Apparently I did not succeed. My deepest apologies.
mishapqueen says2014-06-24T21:30:35.6616937-05:00
Who is Borat? I thought it was just some random guy doing a thumbs up.
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-24T22:31:25.6452132-05:00
It's funny how people know random pictures of people! I, too, thought it was strange "guy doing a thumbs up."
brahmeek says2015-09-07T21:47:02.4097170Z
I think its stupid

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