Does the media create more criminals?

Posted by: SnaxAttack

After the recent event of the Oregon shooting, the media put lots of coverage on it because of something "new" happening. On the day 10/08/2015, there was another shooting in Arizona and yesterday were more shootings across the nation. Why did this happen? Most likely the media because of their news coverage, and always showing the criminal more that victims, which gives the idea to future criminals that "If I shoot the school, I'll get my fifteen minutes of fame". So I ask, does the media make crim

  • Yes

  • No

83% 10 votes
17% 2 votes
  • The more "fame" you put on the criminal of a crime, the more influence is placed on future possible crimes in the same area. Example is a school shooting, where if a lot of coverage is placed upon the shooter; it has a influence of those trying to get "fame".

  • Anyone with that inclination, who otherwise might have curbed their impulse, are shown by the media not only that it can be done, but how easily. They will cover the story for days on end, dissecting every detail, how the schools are gun-free zones. A lot of information put out there, that really wasn't necessary, and exactly what these types of people want to hear.

  • Duh. . . . The media puts out more criminals and evil people then there really are

  • A person is responsible for their own actions. Sure the media can provide a motive, infamy, but it' still on the person to make the choice.

  • Nobody forced you into crime - you have a mind of your own

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