Does the Mental affect the Physical or does the Physical affect the Mental?

Posted by: shaddamcorrinoIV

A question of mind/body dualism

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Mind affects the Physical

6 votes

I believe a little of both

5 votes
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The Physical affects the Mental

1 vote
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reece says2014-08-28T05:53:56.9169788-05:00
Why am i the only one that picked "The Physical affects the Mental" :(
tyler008 says2014-08-28T06:48:02.7309971-05:00
Probably cause those who believed that also believed that mental affects the physical, so they picked the 1st
reece says2014-08-28T07:02:52.3301048-05:00
@tyler008 Would the universe still exist if we worn't presently in a subsist conscious?

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