Does the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD like having Obama as president? WHY?

Posted by: FearTheBeard1

  • Yes, because they think he supports them!

  • No, not at all!

100% 2 votes
0% No votes
  • Because he is a Muslim!

  • They enjoy having him as president because he doesn't have the willpower to oppose them. He also appears to dislike Israel, which can only be seen as a plus by them.

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Venusara says2014-04-04T10:48:36.9825333-05:00
Wow, hidden agenda much? I find this poll offensive. Are you Muslim Beard or are you just judgmental?
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T10:50:51.7829974-05:00
Neither, i just realized to get a ton of votes on polls they need to be emotionally triangulated to draw in voters!
Venusara says2014-04-04T10:56:11.2574453-05:00
So you admit that you deliberately try to disrupt stuff to garner votes? Isn't that against the whole point in the first place?
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:01:20.9532121-05:00
It stirs debate regardless of my intentions though! Are you Muslim?
Venusara says2014-04-04T11:03:14.2411383-05:00
No, I'm agnostic, but I have respect for the religion of Islam.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:03:30.4028419-05:00
I am just facilitating debate. Come on which polls gain the most attention? The ones that are most confrontational or extreme, Right?
Venusara says2014-04-04T11:04:48.3383599-05:00
I'm curious of your intentions you posted a few offensive polls in a row :(
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:06:49.3015353-05:00
Well to be honest i am very new to this site and just figured out how to post polls, then i saw the Poll's Leaderboard section and saw ranked people based on submitting and answering questions.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-04T11:08:52.5423253-05:00
Do you have something against Islam? So why do you care where you rank of Poll posts?
Venusara says2014-04-04T11:10:32.4765659-05:00
Welcome to the site then yo :) it's up to you if you'd rather impact others or troll for some silly rank.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:12:59.4607081-05:00
No I am indifferent to Islam, i harbor no negative feelings. Islam as the Koran is written is very peaceful but extreme sects that popcorn off and use the Ruse of Islam in negative ways, i do have a problem with.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:13:42.3297829-05:00
Why do i care where i rank, i suppose i am Hyper competitive.
Venusara says2014-04-04T11:16:02.8866839-05:00
Then let's talk about the actual problem, Islam as a religion is not the problem, we agree on that, right?
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:18:05.4858517-05:00
Yes I agree with that much Venusara, i do feel a BUT coming in your next statement. LOL
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T11:25:31.8619841-05:00
Venusara says2014-04-04T12:17:17.7225289-05:00
I'm here
Venusara says2014-04-04T12:24:02.9368379-05:00
I have no "but" moment lol. I have no desire to sway people to my 'side'. You're either in my side or you aren't
Venusara says2014-04-04T12:29:50.4914658-05:00
So witch is it Beard? Do you hate Muslims or accept them?
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T12:41:23.8223102-05:00
I accept all views and religious followings so long as they do not bud into violent sects. While i do not agree with sharia law, i will not tell another country and its citizens how to live their life until bodily injury and harm comes to innocent victims without a voice or hope to overcome despair. Personally i have seen the effects of Sharia Law up close and personal and its very ugly and disturbing to see. Like i said earlier though peaceful practicing Muslims have a right to practice their religion with out persecution.
FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-04T13:36:42.3535827-05:00
Venusara says2014-04-04T16:33:37.7578219-05:00
stanleymilgram100 says2014-04-05T00:01:10.9337460-05:00

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