Does the phrase, "You can't have morals if you are not religous." make sense?

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Preston says2014-07-08T11:24:06.7457158-05:00
@fight God
Preston says2014-07-08T11:33:02.1037467-05:00
@dis morals? So abortion, the denial of life to a developing fetus, is moral?
lannan13 says2014-07-08T11:35:07.4505502-05:00
Preston says2014-07-08T11:38:07.2169730-05:00
Really? You think ending potential life is moral, we should kill all infants than without remorse. They are developing and we would be denying them life, sounds like great morals.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T11:39:17.5195058-05:00
For some, yes. What is moral to me, or somebody else DOESN'T have to be moral to you or other people. What is moral to you or somebody else DOESN'T have to be moral to me. Everybody has principles of right and wrong and those are their morals.
lannan13 says2014-07-08T11:39:41.0197730-05:00
No, I'm Con on Abortion. I thought you were asking for examples of morals and brought up your views on abortion.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T11:41:04.2859058-05:00
I believe abortion is moral, Lannan doesn't. I believe gay marriage, you don't, Preston. You believe capital punishment is moral, I don't. Lannan has his morals. Fight has hers. You have yours & I have mine. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's not a moral.
Preston says2014-07-08T11:41:45.1652038-05:00
Im asking if that is moral or immoral, remember SOCIETY sets up morals, if we go beyond that then we are ok, FALLING BELOW THAT is when atrocities happen. Im asking if you have morals, that are sound. You failed to answer my question though, So abortion, the denial of life to a developing fetus, is moral?
discomfiting says2014-07-08T11:43:38.8275324-05:00
No, society doesn't make up morals. A society makes up a collective group of social norms, folkways and mores that create a society that is shaped and molded through time by generations. Each individual has their morals and the socialite norm or general view for it, is irrelevant to somebody's morals.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T11:46:16.8877456-05:00
Preston says2014-07-08T11:46:59.5933855-05:00
@dis I like your drive, but I support capital punishment, those people murdered innocent lives. You support denying those who haven't received that chance to live of life. So lets start like this; Murder; the crime of deliberately killing a person person:a human being human: consisting of humans a fetus consists of a human, so explain why murder isn't moral but abortion is, and saying they need a choice is saying I should be able to choose who I kill.
Preston says2014-07-08T11:47:31.6364017-05:00
And yes society sets morals, if not what are the basses of your morals
debate_power says2014-07-08T11:50:14.6944909-05:00
I believe that many who claim to be non-religious are in fact religious and vice versa.
Preston says2014-07-08T11:51:00.0548803-05:00
The only way to be non religious is to be void of any opinion of god, so yeah
discomfiting says2014-07-08T11:57:42.9248803-05:00
Abortion is moral specifically to me because it is not a person in my opinion. A person has thought, they fell, they have emotions, they can develop ideas and humanity; which a fetus has none of (depending on the trimester). It is not a person YET. A fetus is nothing more than a sack of cells that might become a person. Murder is not 100% always immoral, there are times when murder is justified like a police officer killing a person that has a gun to somebody's head. There are many examples in which murder would be moral and justified. There are also ones in which it is not moral and justified. You don't NEED to agree with me in order for it to be a moral to me. And no, a society does not set morals. A society is a collective group of people co-existing together with their each morals that reflects in a society's mores, folkways, social norms etc. A popular opinion can be abortion is or is not moral but you can disagree with the more that abortion is or is not right and it will still be a moral. A society sets mores, folkways and social "regulations" for the public; not the other way around.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:09:17.4888857-05:00
So you know I do in fact respect your opinion but im curious how you defend yourself, thus ill prod you a little to understand. Wow, a sack of cells? Is that what you say to people who go through miscarriages, those who want a child but go through emotional turmoil because they lost their "Sack of cells"? And society influences your decision on how your morals are formed, if forms your surroundings and tests your morals constantly.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:14:07.7998902-05:00
I feel like your logic behind a fetus is unsound, special needs children who are unable to live, experience , and bond don't deserve to die, and I still see them as human.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T12:16:27.3321355-05:00
No I wouldn't say it to a woman who just had a miscarriage because it's called being respectful and that's not it to the person who is in such a sensitive state. It is a sack of cells during the first and slowly becomes more person and less sack of cells which is why i'm against abortions later on in the pregnancy. Just because it is a sack of cells, doesn't mean I need to walk up to a woman and go "Hey, it's okay. It was just a sack of cells." because 1.) it doesn't matter to bring it up at that time and 2.) she's in an emotional state. But inside my mind as I listen to them grief about it, I know it was a sack of cells.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:20:07.4103018-05:00
Haha, the end made my day, "But inside my mind as I listen to them grief about it, I know it was a sack of cells", but on a serious note, what's your opinion on choice, doesn't a woman make a choice when she slips into bed, if you read my profile you would see I support abortion incase of incest and rape, so excluding that. The way I see it they made their choice and now they will live with consequences, even if they give their baby up.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-08T12:27:18.1660036-05:00
@discomfiting, being able to think and feel doesn't make you human. A dog can think and feel does that make them human? Being human isn't mental it's physical, of course. The "sack of cells" you are referring to has human DNA does it not? Does anyone else on Earth have that DNA code? No because it's a unique combination of the mothers and fathers. This makes it a person. Please, stop dehumanizing them to make yourself feel better about this hole thing.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:28:13.9984036-05:00
@Prefer, Dogs have DNA too. So do monkeys, and they are unique. Bad example Prefer.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T12:30:46.7692036-05:00
I understand what you mean Preston, but I disagree with making them keep the fetus. Prefer, dogs don't think and feel like we do. They feel and think but not like you and I. An oversimplification of what I said won't help your argument. It's just a bunch of cells sitting together. Being human is not just a physical component, it is also mental.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:33:41.8891368-05:00
@dis, its ok I supported abortion for a week when protesters crowded our school. Its disappointing when you build up respect for an opinion and moron extremists crush it.
Preston says2014-07-08T12:36:17.6159193-05:00
For me at 6 weeks you shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion, no excuses. Plus the only ones who should ever get them is rape victims and those who were impregnated through incest.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-08T13:53:14.7785414-05:00
Uh yeah dogs have DNA but not human DNA duh. Dogs do think and feel like humans do. They just have lower intelligence. There not thinking about complex things like "does a God exist" but they do think about eating, sleeping, peeing, and other simple things like we do. Being human has a small mental component to it, but the majority is psychical. Your DNA makes you human no doubt about it.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-08T14:00:40.9309761-05:00
Preston says2014-07-08T14:40:44.2977173-05:00
Monkeys DNA is almost identical to human DNA, infact they can be extremely close to Humans because we vary so much.
Ambassador95 says2014-07-08T15:06:06.8295687-05:00
Believing in a particular religion (or believing in God) is no more required for morality than belief in journalists is required for the ability to read the newspaper. However, as in the case with the journalist, the *existence* of God (journalists) is essential to the *existence* of morality (newspapers).
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-08T15:28:42.6649561-05:00
@Preston, when did I say it wasn't? All I said is it's not identical.
Preston says2014-07-08T15:32:38.8430252-05:00
Yes but no human dna is identical either, its so close to a monkeys you could literally not tell them apart without thorough chemical tests, Dna is not what defines us as human
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-09T00:07:35.8249756-05:00
Really it doesn't? DNA makes you what you are. It defines how you look, talk, think, feel, etc. Without it you are nothing.
reece says2014-07-09T00:21:15.6348339-05:00
Preston: you've lost. DNA is our programming code. Your experiences etc get imprinted on it through out your life (epigenetic)
Preston says2014-07-09T06:54:34.9390511-05:00
No I haven't, see hes arguing that that is the best way to represent a human, fine ill play low ball too: does a cancerous cell have human dna? Yea, it does. It may not be functioning but it fulfills the DNA requirement.
Preston says2014-07-09T07:16:25.6986459-05:00
And DNA doesn't hold memories, insulation between neurons does.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-09T11:39:36.7006686-05:00
I really don't understand what you are argueing for. Anyways, my point was since each human has their own unique genetic code that makes them a person. Yes, each animal has their own, but everyone knows humans are more important and you have to be a human to be a person. I really don't know how many more times you want me to explain this.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-09T11:43:38.8454208-05:00
Yes, cells hold DNA, but everyone knows one cell doesn't make you a human. It's all the cells put together. The combination of cells makes you a human and a person. If someone cut themself on something and lost blood. The blood wouldn't be a person because it has the same DNA as the complete human. It's not that hard to grasp what I'm saying.
Warik says2014-07-10T12:53:05.3965216-05:00
No. I cant speak for most nones but for atheists and agnostics they usually realize that this is their only life. That doesnt mean we think life is unimportant. We Cherish it because we know we only have one chance. And for me, my morals are based upon knowing that the consequences of my actions could effect others or myself.
glory_lyfe says2014-07-14T08:33:57.4326503-05:00
If this phrase makes sense to you then that means that you only are moral because you fear the Afterlife and not to help other people. You are moral out of selfishness.
Preston says2014-07-14T08:39:29.1346791-05:00
Or you are moral out of a sense of respect, I have never sworn in my lifetime because Christ suffered for me, if I sin he suffers more than. Even though lets say he has suffered 10pts and I'm at 9pts its best I attempt to try to stay below 10pts as long as I can. I'm moral out of respect.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-21T13:01:32.4932384-05:00
Most Atheists believe you should be good for goodness sake instead of being told to. Atheists are the ones doing it out of their hearts. Christians, especially Mormons, are doing it because they think it will help them get to Heaven.
Preston says2015-07-28T17:09:36.2071882-05:00
Awe, looking over old posts, btw, there is no hell in mormonism, so mormons are definitely not afraid of going to hell, thus there actions are not to get to heaven because we already know that everyone goes there.

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