• Yes !

  • No !

38% 9 votes
62% 15 votes
  • In small communities, it has worked perfectly. But in order for an entire nation to adopt it, there can't be existential threats.

  • It could certainly work, but it does need some tweaking. I would love to see a nation actually implement the theory!

  • It is what we will need if worst comes to worst.

  • the i idea of Marxist communism is wishful thinking and could never be fully accomplished even if we tried.

  • It wasn't even meant to last. Ending private property is making mush more problems than it fixes.

  • On paper, communism looks like a perfect system for government and it is completely fair. When used in real life (ex. Soviet Union), everything falls apart. It's a bright theory, but it's one where it really doesn't work in the real world.

  • no, it literally contradicts itself in its most fundamental principal. If you distribute wealth evenly between every individual, then no individual will have any wealth at all.

    Posted by: Shield
  • Communism makes false asserts on human nature and therefore just CRUMBLES when implemented in reality.

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debate_power says2014-08-07T14:43:19.2447319-05:00
Let's face it- aggressive capitalists have done their best to crush communism from the very beginning. Greedy people killed it before it got started.

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