• Yes

  • No

42% 17 votes
57% 23 votes
  • As much as I hate hearing the term White Privilege it does indeed exist. It's pretty easy to spot white privilege "us" whites have always had it better than those with darker skin which is sad and disgusting.

  • Well all race has some sort of privileged so I will say yes.

  • Yes, it does. Banks are far more likely to offer a loan to a white male than to an African-American male. The white population can go about their whole day without being questioned about their morals or citizenship; unlike the Hispanic and Latino populations. This is not a dig at white people, but this is a system that does exist and it affects each and everyone of us.

  • To those who say no, why is it that whites have a higher access to education and more chances then those of a dark complection

  • because people think that whites are the greater race in the united states which is wrong we are all equal no matter the color

  • I'm sure you could find an example of it somewhere.

  • Every privilege exists including this one. There are too many arguments for this. Sorry.

  • It is not a thing, it was before, but not now. Nowadays it is only a thing non-whites use to silence whites.

  • Under certain circumstances a white person may have "white privilege," but it does not exist in general.

  • There is NO white Privilege, there is however Black Privilege

    Posted by: Sydron
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