• Dog

  • Cat

46% 19 votes
54% 22 votes
  • because dogs have better mind and trust than cat

  • Dogs are so much better than cats I mean they're smarter, they are very social and they also can benefit you in many ways such as lowering your blood pressure and they can help you get fit cats not so much they just lay around so good luck with getting fit with your cat p.s. cats are loners

  • I guess the dogs are wonderful companions, kind, very crazy and some obedient.

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Lavendarrina says2015-04-20T21:58:59.0340899-05:00
Cat usually show the bad personality in the movie. They are nasty and bad. Dogs are usually help and protect human, but cat is usually lazy and hurt people.
Hanspete says2016-04-15T01:15:24.5657757Z

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