• Doge

  • Grumpy Cat

49% 24 votes
51% 25 votes
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Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:07:05.2580710-06:00
I'm bored :)
PetersSmith says2014-11-16T23:10:48.6557990-06:00
This is unfair. Doge is a deity, grumpy cat is just a normal face. It should have been something like Doge and Cate V. Slothe.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:11:31.0108850-06:00
I am sure that their are legit Grumpy Cat followers out there, Peters.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:11:40.3867254-06:00
PetersSmith says2014-11-16T23:14:00.5563194-06:00
Atheist-Independent: Grumpy is an actual cat that has actual owners. It's name is Tadar Sauce and it's a Snowshoe Siamese cat. A normal cat can't have followers.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:15:31.6314546-06:00
Doge is an actual dog as well, is it not?
PetersSmith says2014-11-16T23:16:49.2122438-06:00
Atheist-Independent: Nope, it's a celestial species that cannot be classified as a dog.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:18:28.5168125-06:00
Actually her name is Kabuso...
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:18:32.9159561-06:00
PetersSmith says2014-11-16T23:19:13.6002345-06:00
Atheist-Independent: Are you questioning the omniscience of Doge, profligate?
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:24:27.6611986-06:00
Umm... No.
PetersSmith says2014-11-16T23:25:21.1081690-06:00
Atheist-Independent: Then keep your facts to yourself >:(
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:26:15.4032267-06:00
Yes Prophet Peters.
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-16T23:29:26.9531709-06:00
How about... None ?
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:29:57.0607849-06:00
GASP... How could you say so?
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-16T23:30:23.3308481-06:00
Are you a Cate Heretic?
Kaiser100 says2014-11-16T23:53:42.1757850-06:00
PetersSmith: I have never heard of this Doge deity. Tell me more about it.
funnycn says2014-11-17T06:38:20.9706564-06:00
@Peter You obviously don't know my true religion, Grump catism. We believe in the grumpy cat.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-17T22:05:22.3739484-06:00
Surprising. Exactly a 50-50 split.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-17T22:05:41.1292915-06:00
I expected a Doge majority on DDO for some reason.
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-17T22:38:23.0979971-06:00
^ just wanted to ruin it.
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-17T22:46:52.1390491-06:00
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-17T22:50:26.3496816-06:00
You're welcome ;).
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-20T17:08:35.1440807-06:00
People are still voting on this. Impressive 0_0
killabeast says2014-11-20T18:54:02.7555932-06:00
Atheist-Independent says2014-11-20T18:54:53.7732311-06:00
carriead20 says2014-12-03T08:10:50.7316911-06:00
BblackkBbirdd says2014-12-03T12:26:39.8585049-06:00
lannan13 says2014-12-03T12:36:59.9661547-06:00
Atheist-Independent says2014-12-03T13:39:38.0493086-06:00
carriead20 says2014-12-03T13:45:30.1078599-06:00
Atheist-Independent says2014-12-03T13:49:23.2983146-06:00
carriead20 says2014-12-03T13:51:49.4013971-06:00
Non intelligo satis Zulu
BblackkBbirdd says2014-12-03T14:36:00.4032334-06:00
PowerPikachu21 says2015-08-14T02:19:40.2927470Z
Well.... There's a website called "know you meme", you can look up pretty much any meme on the internet (including Doge and Grumpy Cat). Both these memes are real pets with real owners. Doge is a complicated meme... Not sure about Grumpy Cat, though, but Grumpy Cat has a movie. Forgot the exact title, but it's Christmas.

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