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54% 14 votes
  • The female reproductive organ on a cat, is much much tighter. However, unlike dogs when you force yourself upon a cat, cats struggle. This can be stopped if you simply kill the cat before hand. Therefore I conclude that cats are better!

  • Cats are more tidy, they do not slobber all over you, and are very graceful. also, while this is a matter of preference, cats are much cuter when they are young, as opposed to dogs, who have flappy ears

  • Even though they tend to act kind of arrogant most of the time, I forgive them the instant they just crawl into my lap and fall asleep- how could you be mad at something that cute!

  • Cats rule the universe. Sometimes they allow a human to serve them. They are ancient souls carrying wisdom through out time and space. To not understand a cat is no to understand the universality of peace.

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BblackkBbirdd says2014-05-31T14:23:28.6680889-05:00
Why do people keep reposting this?
jyotipatel says2014-06-04T11:36:40.4400668-05:00
jyotipatel says2014-06-04T11:36:54.5196330-05:00
I have already asked this question.

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