• Catz

  • Doggoz

39% 7 votes
61% 11 votes
  • Catz like to cuddle with you unlike dogs who just slobber all over you

    Posted by: jowe
  • Cats are quiet dogs are not. Cats will not get depressed if you are gone too long, Dogs will. Dogs are blind and cats can see better than people. Overall, Cats are just better and I have dogs (I hate them, They're annoying).

    Posted by: 238db
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jowe says2019-12-02T19:20:49.0472899Z
I meant Doggoz
jowe says2019-12-02T19:21:08.9681068Z
dj_iyke says2019-12-02T19:45:47.5232725Z
Dogs are the best choice unlike catz. One can already see that between doggoz and catz, Dogs are the most affective. Cats are solitary pets and usually like staying alone rather than playing with you or your kids. On the other hand, Dogs are always there ready, And sometimes even more, To relax and play with you during your free time. Also, No one can deny about the common fear of cats at night. One who usually looks at cats at night will confirm this. Their reflecting eyes are among the top 10 causes of people who are scared at night. Need no more reason to vote for doggoz.

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