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TBR says2016-02-26T15:48:20.1123345Z
Trump is very close to a decorative curtain.
Renegader says2016-02-26T16:35:11.8816293Z
Probably the best thing that would happen if he got elected would be the endless dank memes. There would be no shortage of dank memes for years. A meme for you, a meme for everyone.
Renegader says2016-02-26T16:39:50.1512538Z
In reality, he is probably a huge troll. I personally don't think he believes any of the shit he says. I don't think he is "just dumb" like many people have implied. Either way, he is certainly manipulating the idiots in the GOP base. Also, the other GOP candidates are calling him too far left now because he supports planned parenthood and won't "let people die on the streets." In my opinion, if Ted Cruz ever got elected, this country is f*cked.
Vox_Veritas says2016-02-26T21:33:54.1954149Z

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