Donald Trump or Barack Obama

Posted by: WestDoggies

Who would be a stronger president?

  • Donald Trump

  • Barack Obama

39% 310 votes
61% 489 votes
  • Well, everyone views Trump as an evil person, which is entirely false. Also, Obama is just about to start WW3. Not to mention, Trump is going to pull all our troops out from overseas, close the borders and leave the world alone. I'd love to know how that is going to start WW3. The only one's who want it are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, all of which are listed traitors to America. I'm picking Trump because he's, the "lesser of the two evils".

  • Trump will actually do something to fix the debt, instead of double it*cough*Obama*cough*

  • The lesser of the two evils.

  • Donald trump may be aggressive, but not stupid, like Obama. Obama lacks the intelligence to even think about being president, plus, his lies and raised taxes have ruined the economy.

  • We need someone that can actually get the job done.

  • Finally a presidential candidate that acknowledges NAFTA (and other such deals) as an unmitigated disaster for the US. It's hilarious to watch the desperate media smear campaign in full effect as Trump steps closer and closer to the oval office.

  • he's not a commie

  • donald is not an isis member

  • The real question is, do you KNOW that Trump will be a bad president? NO because he hasn't been one. We know alllllll of the mistakes that Obama has done.

  • He's not controlled by the corrupt establishment. He has philosophical ideas, and has more common sense than Obama.

  • Obama's a puppet for the liberal party, while Trump does his own thing

    Posted by: DBPDX
  • Trump is actually smart and he knows what he is doing

  • Trump is the best human being alive. He is going to seperate us from canada and f***ing mexico. i mean, that's amazing! and he is funny.

  • Obama screwed up our economy! At least Trump hasn't tried to start WW3

  • You Can't Stump the Trump Make America Great Again (not that it was ever great to begin with...)

  • Donald Trump just wants what's best for his homeland, the U.S. Barack Obama wants to do what's best for himself and his "legacy". You shouldn't be in the highest political office in the world with the ambition of furthering your own agenda. The President should be a man of high moral integrity and intelligence, not someone who just goes with what the "minorities" want. They are a minority, shouldn't we be appealing to the majority, it's just common sense. Donald Trump is appealing to the "majority", white working class voters. This is the group that has been neglected for about 8 years now. You never hear about protests erupting from white working class people, because the media could care less about what the majority wants. They just want to appeal to the minority that feel they are entitled to decide which direction the country is going. Donald Trump is going to change this. He will bring jobs back to America and give a voice back to the people who need it the most, not just the ones who feel entitled to it.

  • Donald lets the world Know he will kick butt. I cant help right now to think that is what we need. We need to get tough

  • Make America Great Again!

  • Trump Trump Trump Trump!

  • The media has done a great job at chopping comments of Trump into smaller much more controversial pieces. In fact I favored democrat for the next president until I took the time to fact check some things the media was saying Trump said.

    Posted by: bowlz
  • Okay here is the deal. I know that people don't like trump because of the fact that he wants to build a wall, but, here me out the wall deal will never get passed by congress, so we have nothing to worry about. Also, have you heard anything else about trump then that wall crap? Have you heard of his ingenious healthcare plan? Giving Americans the liberty to choose health care, when and how they want it. UNlike Obama care,because of the fact that with Obamacare, you get fined because of the fact that you choose no to have healthcare and the government steals money from the rich to pay for it. What Obama is doing is criminal. Heres how trump is gonna lower taxes. HE i s playing the fair game of if you want the service, you pay for it. Unlike Obama, who is forcing healthcare on us. I don't care if the rich people have more money, Obama, you have no right to steal money from them to pay for your tyranic health care system. Also, trump will pull out all foreighnn relations with countries, because guess what the u.s. creates wars. ISIS is only a threat because we make them one. With are involvement in Iraq,Iran,Afhanistan, they have even more reason to hate us. But if we only got ourselves involved in things that we are supposed to be involved in, we would create friends, not enemies and the world would be a much more peaceful place. Trump wants to make the world and the u.s. a more peaceful,free place. I also like the fact that when trump becomes president, he will reveal the governments dirty secrets and lies

  • Obama is a socialist /marxist.

  • I know Donald Trump seems to come across rude...But really look what OBAMA has really done to this country: Increased our debt by several trillion dollars, hes increased the number of citizens on welfare. Now really you would want to pick someone like Trump because hes an awesome speaker he doesn't lie like Obama where he claims he would have soldiers coming home in such an expensive war. The lies Obama has made would have a mile long list. Hes had the NSA spy on the Senate, and has passed laws like cutting through fog... Personally I would rather pick a realistic-speaking guy rather than a liberal democrat who has increased such social problems in this country due to racial discrimination...I don't mean to come across prejudiced but Obama hasn't done his job to the best of his ability. I would pick Trump he may seem prejudiced against "Mexicans" and "African-Americans" but he does what every candidate has done: gaining more delegates through firing up his followers... Half of you liberals on the opposite side of this debate haven't even learned how good Donald Trump is a businessman and running delegate for the GOP seat as President of the United States and that my children is why I choose Trump over Obama.

  • He wants to stop illegal immigration. He realizes there's a serious threat from Muslim countries. He wants to implement an easier to understand tax bracket as well as much lower tax rates. He wants to privatize health care to make it more affordable. Obama hasn't done sh*t. People are too afraid of the big bad rich white guy to actually even take a look at his policies. Let's hope you all cry for four years straight if he's elected.

  • He may be rasist he may be sexist but he has smart ideas for this country

  • Donald Trump should be the next president because he will certainly make our nation better. He will send back all those illegal immigrants that Obama just invites right in. People forget that living in America is a privilege, not a right. We need to do something about these illegal immigrants that we don't get tax money from and we keep losing money to every year. And don't even get me started on the Syrian refugees. Our government right now is full of pussies who can't get anything done about the immigration policies because it is a touchy subject. Above all, Trump definitely is better than the other dipshits who are running.

    Posted by: rbrown
  • Trump has a proven track record of success. He is a strong negotiator and will put America first in all trade negotiations. America needs a strong leader who has business success.

  • Trump is only in this for himself. Obama is working to destroy the country. It is a close one, but Trump is not quite as dangerous.

    Posted by: BenD
  • He is a lesser evil than obama. As a christian hillary clinton scares me and she wants obama as supreme court judge. YIKES. Trump is an excellent bussisness man

  • The country should be run by a business man since it is a large corporation in and of itself. We've had lawyers and politicians for years and that's not working.

  • I picked this man due to his strong ability to lead the country. He has already proven to us that he can "sell his product" through his candidacy and he has a hell of a lot more respect for this country along with his wife due to his previous experience in the military. He has shown that our freedom of speech has been limited and all Obama has shown us is to divide this country even further into unnecessary groups that will cause the downfall of this country. I believe that Donald Trump can prove this countries power and find the rights in the people of the United States of America. :)

  • Obama has created the worst thing possible; Obamacare. With this, my friend would only be able to make 22 dollars a month if he didn't take the fine of not having it. Also nothing Obama has not done much of anything, and only is a great speaker. Politics wise and doing the best for the people, no. Appears to me a lot of racial issues are popping up again after he spent a year or 2 in office. Trump has good plans and will build out military up to fight against North Korea and others. Obama just wave his finger and says "No no no".

  • Obama is a stupid person not qualified to be president, as he was born in Kenya. Trump will stop illegal immigration, and he is a very successful capitalist, while Obama is a muslim that has brought our country to the breaking point.

  • Donald Trump is going to build a wall, but not just any wall. The wall is going to cost a lot but who cares. The wall will stretch over Mexico and other parts of the United States. Donald J. Trump will get rid of all the ILLEGAL immigrants, put them back in Mexico and if they want to get back in to the U.S. they have to become a citizen of the United States of America. That's why I am going to vote for Donald J. Trump.

  • With all do respect to the American people , but let's face some facts there is actually nothing called the "American People" , people who are connected by culture and by their special language , from its very begining .. America has hosted people from all around the world with different culture , religion , race and also ideology , people who have nothing to connect them to each other but the fact that they are living in the boundaries on the same land and are connected only by future .. these people who are and have always been ruled -except for some time- by bureaucratic people who care for nothing but their own personal benefit and their imperialistic interests and bloody thirst for power , the American people never felt that they are one and that they have a government that is from them , who cares deeply and is dedicated to preserve and maintain the prosperity of the people living within the borders of the United States , U.S was never a complete country and its government was never one for the people but at the contrary has always spread lies to the world and to its own people , and now .. what I see is a man who believes in creating a nation , a real nation with its own culture and with its own bonds connecting the hearts who deeply believe that they are part of the same thing , so that the American citizen will never feel that he is by anyway inferior to citizens from other countries and that he has his own friends from his own nation .

  • he will make america great again! and also maybe in doing so europe will wake up and reallise oh we will be a muslim state in 100 years if we do not do anything

  • Obama has poor judgement. He voted for the Iraq War and that lead to ISIS. Donald Trump will put America first, not policing the entire world

  • Obviously Barack Obama has been a failure.

  • He is the better choice. He has the look of a leader, very fierce, and is bolder on many issues.

  • Only the ignorant are played by a "smooth talker" and think [good] change has actually occurred. Trump. . . Is a D-bag who has atrocious public speaking ability. . . But he's actually done significantly more [and better] than Obama. If you look at the thing Obama did, Particularly "how", . . . It's F'n scary. . . Just gross misuse of power. Oh by the way, In case no one has noticed, Set the seeds for American division and discourse like never before. I'll never buy your excuses. . . Obama is what you get when the ignorant simply vote based on a demographic. Our current discourse, Is all thanks to you. Thanks ignorant masses!

  • I'm not saying Trump is perfect; he has very little filter and can be unpredictable. But he doesn't bow his head to the rest of the world and encourage illegal immigration. . .

  • The real question is: Would you rather have a president that does nothing or a president that will start World War 3?

  • He doesn't do nothing but okay

  • I don't like Obama, but Hillary and Trump compared to him... Ugh...

  • Why is this a question? Choose the educated person who went to Harvard school of law or the person who has a huge wallet (if he paid me maybe I would change my mind:) ).

  • Obama actually knows politics unlike Trump who is a sensationalist who has fascist tendencies.

  • For one Obama can make actual policies. Plus, all of the things about Barack Obama are mostly conspiracies where we all know what Donald Trump is about and all the disasters he will and openly plans to create. On to of that. I enjoy my vacations to Mexico and I don't want and American Mexican war. Also, moving to Canada would suck and voting Trump would really leave me no choice.

  • So let's start with Donald Trump what does he have? Money and fame. That doesn't mean that he can be a good president. Barack Obama has much more school,knowledge and experience to be the president. Obama has been re-elected 2 times which is really rare. This means that he controls the country really well. He has done lots of smart moves and decisions. Plus if Donald Trump becomes president the only thing he will do is stop Mexican immigration and build a wall between USA and Mexico for what he calls 'protection'.

  • Why is this a question??!! trump is a dumb idiot who just wants to start war with people who don't like him

  • They're both bad, but al least Obama isn't a racist who approves violence, torture, racism and sexism.

  • I don't like Obama but I far prefer him over a pseudo-fascist like trump.

  • Trump is mad.

  • Obama did great. Trump is no good

    Posted by: jisung
  • Canadian View: Trump is an idiot. Almost anyone is better. whether you like Obama or not.

  • President Obama is not an ignorant hater. The people that claim Obama does nothing are ignorant to the fact that is in not the supreme dictator of the USA he needs approval of the house and senate to make major decisions. Most republicans refuse to go along with his ideas they either don't understand the positive effect of what would happen or they simply are enticing the country to hate him by not letting anything pass, ridiculous. Trump is simply ignorant man who believes he is right about everything that comes out of his mouth, and he isn't afraid to spew anything that comes to mind.

  • All I need to say is this: Who wants World War 3? Nobody? Then pick Obama. At least he doesn't come up with outrageous ideas about building walls and repetitively lying and changing positions just to win the candidacy. I know, this is all politicians, but Trump's lies are too dirty for him to be the most powerful man in the world. He lied about not knowing about the KKK for fuck's sake! Even when he MENTIONED their leader and put him in the context of the KKK!

  • I vote for President Obama because Obama has made changes in our lives. Obama thinks about everyone in America not just himself.

    Posted by: fdavis
  • he is better because he got rid of osama and he caused 9/11 and so did bush

  • I choose Obama because he has the conduct of a gentleman and yet he is able to control a room. He is the epitome of "talk softly, carry a big stick." He knows he is in control, and he lets those around him know as well. Trump boasts of how great he is and yet has no control over his rallies. They often turn into violent messes, whether through direct fault of Trump or not.

  • No one's starting World War 3. Obama has cut our deficit, lowered unemployment and done a range of other things that if you're too incompetent or lazy to research it on your own, maybe that's the reason you like Donald? Because he's done absolutely nothing but make businesses, take the money and they crash, causing unemployment to go up

  • Who is Donald Trump? an egotistic, loud mouth who had nothing better to do in campaigns but speak nonsense and inappropriate trash to people he believes are under him. Although Barack doesn't do much, at least he is not going to do too much and start the war against the countries we spent centuries to build trust with.

  • HAVE YOU ACTUALLY LISTENED TO TRUMP? HE IS RACIST, SEXIST, AND JUST DOWN RIGHT RUDE. Imagine Trump going to speak to another countries leader. Trump would insult the guy like no other. World War III.

  • I feel sorry for the US right about now with Trump. Very unimpressed as right now is when he is meant to gloat about things he will do (but end up not doing) which is less than nothing

  • okay Obama is obviously better so I don't even understand how this is a question. This year though, none of the presidents are good. I feel like Trump way better than Hillary. One thing about Trump is that he promises many things and he doesn't tell people how he will do it.


    Posted by: merppp
  • Donald trump will absolutely destroy america

  • i'd say Obama, i'm Mexican and I don't wanna get kicked out of America. its messes yp

  • This is because Obama made America great again Trump is going to make America Dumb

  • Donald trump is being a complete dipshit and a sadist by trying to put a wall between the nice Mexicans who give u tonnes of tacos. and also kicking out the Muslims is just being sad to their religion. I mean what if nobody was allowed to stay in England because they are christian.

  • Although Barack Obama is not a great president in my opinion, he is better than Donald trump will ever be. Donald Trump is extremely racist, rude, irrational, and just plain stupid.

  • Trump is a idiot who has now real knowledge of how government works or how to be a collected and graceful leader. Who do you envision as the leader of the free world?

  • Obama is not incompetent.

  • Baracks Bossssssss Yall's

  • As a British observer it's painful watching Trump drag down American politics to the lowest denominator. Trump would however be a puppet to his real masters,the likes of Carl Icahn who endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 US presidential election. He also announced the formation of a super PAC pledging $150 million to push for corporate tax reform. Trumps just a daft puppet.

  • I am quite scared that Obama isn't 100%, Obama is genuine and cares about important policies such as gun control and health care, whereas Trump clearly spouts the most controversial thing he can to gain media attention.

  • suwoop

  • @jkyhjk WHAT WORLD WAR 3, what is wrong with you, Obama has been the one pulling troops out of the middle east and Trump has stated that he will send troops to fight Isis as soon as he becomes president (which he never will). Once again Trump supporters make up the dumbest percentage of the American Population. Idiot

  • If you think Donald Trump is going to help America you are an idiot. Not only is Trump a worthless loser, he is a dangerous and very rich loser. If you look at how he has started up, it compares directly to Hitler. He started of in the gov. ad was initially ridiculed, but still gained a small number of loyal followers. Then he started WW2. I am not saying Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the US(he isn't), but Trump would destroy everything we stand for. He is an insane, narcissistic, psychopath, who should be exported to North Korea. No offense intended.

  • I chose Barrack Obama, because when compared with Trump, you see equality vs white supremacy and a congressman vs a business man.

  • Trump seems so stupid and he yells at everybody... Just like my sister. As some people know I don't like anything. And I don't like him. So c u on my profile. Laters.

    Posted by: NCAR
  • Donald Trump is a clueless sad excuse for a political candidate. His fascist policies that he wants to implement are ridiculous and don't represent the values of America. Obama at least has positions on major issues, although I don't agree with all of them, he at least has positions that allow independent like me decide what I feel is correct. Trump repreatedly shows the American People that he has no clue about certain issues, such as abortion, flat tax, affirmative action, etc.

  • he actually helped the country while Donald trump is racist, discriminates, wants to build a wall and make another country pay for it, etc.

  • Barack Obama is a good-spirited and kind human being.

  • I'm not particularly fond of Obama, but this isn't even a question.

  • I agree with the other person, I rather have a non racist president, that doesn't do much I guess you can say, than having a racist president and is going to start world war 3.

    Posted by: aruiz1
  • Obama treats women with respect however Donald treats women like toys the disgusting and hopeless man! do you really want someone who will treat you with disrespect.

    Posted by: annamd
  • Donald is badddd

  • duh

  • Why is this even a debate.

  • Donald Trump is a crazy bastard. I'm shocked he's not dead

  • I'm sorry, but is this even a question? There is no way I am voting for a sexist, racist and offensive president like Trump!

  • he is the best and trump is very mean to the mexicans because he is going to build a wall

  • * Got us out of the recession he was thrust into. * At least /tried/ to help the immigrants. * At least /tried/ to help with medical care. (Tried is more than any of his predecessors or Congress did.)

  • Your moms pussy is fat as shit

    Posted by: 231255
  • Donald sucks balls all day a.k.a mother f#~\*r

  • Trump Is a fool for making claims he can't back up

  • They are both awful, so the only reason I chose Obama is because he is less of a tyrant

    Posted by: Aden21
  • donald trump is wight wight ppls are not bitches donald trump is bitch P.S. so is josepg getty

  • because donald trump is a dick

    Posted by: abbi13
  • Donald trump is an ass and he will suck at being president of the united states

  • I don't understand anyone who would pick Trump over Obama. Barack deserves more respect than he gets.

  • Obama is like an bold eagle mixed with a dove. mostly the dove is out 24/7. but when its time the eagle comes out. he is the president of change and I'll pick him any day over trump. Donald trump is really just a joke. he is just a rich man with nothing better to do then just to run the free country. who wants a president that is a joke. Trump will mess up relations with other countries if president. Who needs a president that is band from other countries. and when we are just starting relations with Cuba again. this man is a joke a racist, and a sexist. but if trump becomes president it will be a WAKE UP CALL FOR ALL AMERICANS!!!

  • Because I oppose a bigot as a president.

  • I prefer not to be in a nuclear war.

  • Mutually Assured Destruction becomes Inevitably Assured Destruction if Donald Trump is elected president. Although, in all seriousness, the man has no experience in politics. He is cunning and successful, yes, but he's in no position to be president. It would inexorably insinuate societal collapse in America.

  • At least obama isn't racist and says hes pro-life then says were gonna march in to Syria. For 1 Trump you complete TW*T stick to your words we all know the U.S government lie non bl**dy stop.

  • Donald trump is an idiot and is like a next Hitler

    Posted by: Livy.p
  • He roasts Trump in amazing ways.

  • Donald Trump wants to kick out the immigrants that live in the U.S. What if your parents, siblings, friends, and family members were immigrants? You wouldn't want Trump kicking them out and building a wall would you? Another thing is that Donald Trump looks down on people during his political campaign and he calls everything a competition, which is definitely not true. Would you like a person who insults you and your ethnicity become president?

    Posted by: Yonsoo
  • thing. obama is not racist!

    Posted by: anna14
  • At least Obama has moral. Trump just wants everyone that isn't American out.

  • Barack Oba

  • Trump is going to start WW3. I never liked Obama, but I would much rather have him than Trump.

  • First he is Educated & has a lot of patience. He is not Vile does not insult everyone he disagrees with, he has done quite a lot for the country even with all the Venom directed @ him. He did not serve in the military but has been a community Leader and has a compassionate heart, I could offer a lot more, America is not a Business its a Country made up of a Vast array of People & Personalities so is the World of which we are all a part of. Enough said.

  • Because he is not a racist, sexist, fascist asshole.

  • Trump won't get anything done. His plan to deport all illegal aliens will take 20 years and cost 400-600 billion dollars. Illegal immigrants pay nearly 12 billion dollars in tax every year so we would lose tax money. Of the estimated 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the U.S, 8 million of them are either employed or currently seeking employment which represents roughly 5% of the domestic labor force, so we would also lose workers. He also hasn't explained how he will destroy ISIS, nor does he have any foreign policy experience. Foreign diplomats express their concern of a Trump presidency, and many other world leaders have also criticized him which makes it seem he will be hard to work with diplomatically.

  • Barack Obama is most likely best president to ever live. His speeches were inspirational, he was a kind man and he had emotions. The majority of the population of the world love Obama's speeches and his fun-loving attitude and he was kind towards everyone. Trump is a discriminative man who is is going to deport who migrated to America.

    Posted by: IreneM
  • I'm not an American, but from what I've heard many of Donald trumps ideas are absurd.

  • I can't believe people are even questioning this. It's easy - choose a great and fair president who is encouraging free healthcare for all (which as a Scottish person I can tell you is definitely a good thing) or choose a president who wants to kick out all Muslims, for no apparent or valid reason. Choose a racist and ruthless business man with a shady background, or Obama.

  • Obama is kind man who is serious in making progress in the society. He leads by example, see how he treats his wife and kids and others in the White House. His character make him a good leader. Leaders have to be like Obama, and not that joke Donald Trump. I can't believe why people like a leader who is racist, sexiest and full of hatred like Trump. A man who doesn't respect others, has nothing to be respected, and people following him won't be his partners, just his servants.

  • i like Barack Obama, because his politics are including i think he is a democratic president and has ideologies that favor the whole population in my opinion progressives are mostly on the right side of history

  • i think barrack is more skilled and he is the former president so if u guys just like stupid social media then id vote for trump but i think a guy whos more president alike unlike a guy whos more rich and just makes walls evryware.

  • Almost all of America wasn't openly racist, except for the KKK. Until Donald Drumph (His real name) started running 1/3 of America became openly racist! I'm going for the lesser of two evils, but I'm just hoping for a giant meteor to hit and kill me. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN THE USA WHERE RACISM IS ACCEPTED! Also I don't want the President to be a xenophobe. (Meaning he wants nothing to do with any other countries.

  • Trump isn't remotely qualified, and I actually really like Obama. I'd put him in at least the top ten best president's. I'd also vote Obama if you changed Trump to the person I would vote for, which is Clinton.

  • Barack Obama is a much more well balanced person as compared to Donald Trump. Barack Obama also hasn't said any inappropriate things but Donald Trump has.

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BrendanD19 says2016-03-21T21:27:09.3060197Z
Thats like Kale vs Brustle sprouts
reece says2016-03-21T21:29:39.5593012Z
@NewLifeChristian How is Obama evil? He's deported more immigrants than any other president before him. I'd say that's a win for you xenophobes. More sh*t jobs for you guys, right?
NewLifeChristian says2016-03-21T21:41:41.4764105Z
@reece First, I'm not a xenophobe. In fact, I'm the son of an immigrant and am a big supporter of legal immigration. Second, Obama is evil because he has done tremendous bad for this country, plus he has committed countless impeachable offenses. You can read most (if not all of the offenses) here:
reece says2016-03-21T22:00:17.6646487Z
@NewLifeChristian Is one of them about Agenda 21?
Dpowell says2016-03-22T00:56:34.8598580Z
Obama created 0 jobs and freely let in thousands of illegal immigrants. Not a single person was deported during his presidency. The only one who was even considered for deportation was JB, yet that didn't even happen.
themightyindividual says2016-03-22T01:43:19.0201022Z
@iwats007 You need to be very smart to make 8 billion dollars. You don't need to be very smart to double the government's debt during your time in office.
Dpowell says2016-03-22T06:04:33.2260175Z
@Zain2001 If you knew anything about Trump and his ideals, you'd know that none of Trump's plans are Facist. In fact, Trump doesn't come anywhere close to being a Facist. He's actually a far Right-Wing Populist.
Forthelulz says2016-03-22T20:16:13.5583300Z
@reece Have you ever considered that there are MORE immigrants to deport that are getting caught?
NewLifeChristian says2016-03-22T23:57:40.5422025Z
@reece No, there's nothing about Agenda 21 . . .
reece says2016-03-23T00:07:43.4037669Z
@Forthelulz Would xenophobes care?
reece says2016-03-24T02:23:51.5609104Z
Dpowell says2016-03-24T15:03:14.5185996Z
@pianodude2468 Nothing said about Obama is a conspiracy. Its all true, seeing as he openly confirms all these "conspiracy theories" about him in nearly every speech he gives. Also, the federal government (the FBI and CIA in particular) released physical evidence to the public, that confirmed that all these theories are true. Plus his parents even confirmed this when they said that he was actually born in Kenya and that they never lived in the U.S. @Chrisropher_Reyes. Trump is not racist. He hasn't said, done or planned on doing anything racist. I'd like you to try to open your mind and stop watching the biased Democratic television. One should look at both sides before believing what one side tells them and just make conclusions. But, you don't have to do that, it's just a friendly suggestion.
NewLifeChristian says2016-03-24T21:02:47.3627342Z
@reece That article wasn't written by Alex Jones.
PurpleRainbow says2016-03-24T22:22:58.8442034Z
Obama is good. Trump is a pig.
Anonymous says2016-03-25T17:39:37.1059196Z
Obama gets too much crap for the economy.
Max.Wallace says2016-03-28T23:55:34.7632312Z
With Obama, WW3 seems a lot closer.
junedragon says2016-03-29T21:07:37.5935038Z
Take a look at the media organizations that are attacking Trump 24/7 then take a closer look at who owns/contributes/chairs organizations to/for them. Keywords: Rothschild, Turner, Soros
The-Holy-Macrel says2016-03-30T00:31:55.4781084Z
Is this stressing you out? Nonsensical persistent arguers just keep on coming? Unwind here at the party:
Dpowell says2016-03-30T18:00:46.7421073Z
Ah Liberals. As close as we can get to having a party that supports and shares the same ideas as Nazism, without being called Nazis themselves.
themightyindividual says2016-03-31T17:39:27.1996209Z
I need y'all to vote on my debate. It's about cars.
angelaparks says2016-03-31T23:37:26.4918139Z
Besides we need to stop ISIS, and I don't think Trump would be able to do an effective job with out causing another war.
rusty-q says2016-04-06T21:58:42.2207758Z
And you see, the 64% that have voted for Obama are the reason our country is such a mess!
liltankjj says2016-04-07T14:07:24.8008256Z
Don't feel bad rusty, The peoples votes don't count for POTUS. We are a Republic.
Kanye2020 says2016-04-10T22:25:01.8045725Z
Both suck
PericIes says2016-04-17T05:37:11.1712401Z
It is legitimately depressing that Trump got any votes. The people voting for him don't even know why they're voting for him. They got a gut feeling months ago and have convinced themselves to stick to it. Seriously, listen to their reasons: "Also, Obama is just about to start WW3. Not to mention, Trump is going to pull all our troops out from overseas, close the borders and leave the world alone. I'd love to know how that is going to start WW3. The only one's who want it are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, all of which are listed traitors to America." Even ignoring the incorrect punctuation, this is idiotic. Who lists these people as such? What makes them an authority on the subject? When did Clinton, Obama, and Sanders begin advocating for WW3? I didn't get the memo. "Trump will actually do something to fix the debt, instead of double it*cough*Obama*cough*" Lol, based on what? His fantastic business record? *cough*four bankruptcies*cough* "Obama lacks the intelligence to even think about being president, plus, his lies and raised taxes have ruined the economy." So... Obama twice ran for the presidency, and is currently the president, yet he is incapable of thinking about holding the position which he currently holds. Right. Also, the economy has improved quite a bit during Obama's time as president. "It's hilarious to watch the desperate media smear campaign in full effect as Trump steps closer and closer to the oval office." Trump will never get to the Oval Office. The most he can do is hand the general election to the Democratic nominee, which is unfortunate, since the likely democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton. "he's not a commie" Neither is Obama. "donald is not an isis member" Neither is Obama. "...Doesn't lie to America..." Lol. Politifact fact-checks politicians' statements. "i really like chocolate milk .....Is Obama chocolate milk ?" Touché. "The real question is, do you KNOW that Trump will be a bad president? NO because he hasn't been one." "Why not" Because he has a room temperature I.Q., is extremely aggressive, and wants to do illegal and immoral things if he becomes president. This is not rocket science.
yolinda says2016-04-27T16:03:44.9587132Z
sadolite says2016-05-01T21:03:10.0274581Z
I like how people on this site call Trump a dumb idiot. Eh excuse me but your the dumb idiot wasting valuable time on a entertainment website thinking what you say matters. At least I acknowledge this and this is why I am not a billionaire or a candidate for president. What are you? What have you done? Or does the world owe you because you were born.
GayHomo says2016-05-05T18:27:40.0698673Z
Donald trump is going to win the republicans side.
DavidN01 says2016-05-11T23:29:46.5360627Z
Obama is won of the worst presidents to ever be elected. How was he even elected twice? Our country is sad or really really stupid!!!!!
cat-ass-trophee says2016-05-26T06:41:39.7139575Z
A SMALL loan of a million dollars
maslow says2016-08-05T01:27:50.6565574Z
NewLifeChristian is an idiot
maslow says2016-08-05T01:28:44.0929070Z
NewLifeChristian is an idiot, fyi: info wars is a known conspiracy site moron
maslow says2016-08-05T01:29:46.0092374Z
NewLifeChristian is an idiot, fyi: info wars is a known conspiracy site moron
Dpowell says2016-08-11T17:11:50.9357344Z
Trump isn't racist. He never said or did anything that comes close to being racist. And how is Trump the greater of two evils? Obama is a terrorist and a traitor, he has funded and accepted donations from Isis and the Al'Quaeda. All Trump did was tell the truth and everybody started to flip out because someone would dare do that. I'm proud that he's a nominee because he's the last hope this country has to survive. If Sanders or Clinton win, America will cease to exist entirely. I know that's what you Liberals want the most, no more America, but just like Trump, most of us won't let it fall while we stand idly by and watch you tear it apart.
Dpowell says2016-08-11T17:20:27.7046470Z
Trump isn't racist. He never said or did anything that comes close to being racist. And how is Trump the greater of two evils? Obama is a terrorist and a traitor, he has funded and accepted donations from Isis and the Al'Quaeda. All Trump did was tell the truth and everybody started to flip out because someone would dare do that. I'm proud that he's a nominee because he's the last hope this country has to survive. If Sanders or Clinton win, America will cease to exist entirely. I know that's what you Liberals want the most, no more America, but just like Trump, most of us won't let it fall while we stand idly by and watch you tear it apart. And if there are any "open minded" people in here, or any fellow Republicans who have any doubt, you guys need to stop listening to the media, it's all Liberal controlled and all it does is lie. Do your research. Go Trump! @Pericles. We do know why we voted for him. We all know exactly why we voted for him, and unlike Obama, he won't start WW3. He's got what any good President needs. A degree, military experience, and loyalty to the country and it's ideals, unlike Obama and Clinton who are lying traitors and Sanders who's an extreme Socialist. And I know that I'm just 18, but I remember a time where traitors were shot on sight, Socialists were imprisoned for life without question for treason, we'd deport illegal immigrants without a second thought, and people like Trump are heroes.
JulieAnn.Sullivan says2017-02-01T17:11:13.5461252Z
We have an oompa lumpa for presindent🙄😭kms
JulieAnn.Sullivan says2017-02-01T17:12:14.2613252Z
We have an oompa lumpa for president 🙄😭kms
Debating_Horse says2018-09-23T20:19:16.0309513Z
Trump is a better pick for me!
dudesanddudetteschill says2018-11-06T01:14:59.6030067Z
Trump is a dumb fat ass who is going to kill everyone cuz all he does is try to start wars with people who don't like his fat ass. SO. . . GO OBAMA I LOVE YOU
dudesanddudetteschill says2018-11-06T01:16:31.4090067Z
Trump go to hell where you belong
Violetrose says2019-04-09T20:30:20.9110215Z
MAGA 2020
Cj116 says2020-01-09T21:22:53.0509228Z
Even though Obama was a neo-liberal Centrist, I still believe he's better than Trump. He wouldn't have pulled us out of the Paris climate deal or Iran deal, He'd be marginally less hawkish, And more level headed overall.
BenitoBarbaro says2021-05-10T16:28:11.9363871Z
I love watching these zombie obama supporters act all intelligent because mommy and daddy spoon fed them bullshit facts from Cuck News Network.

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