• Donald Trump

  • Donald Duck

24% 12 votes
76% 37 votes
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The_Real_Cashew says2016-03-08T20:07:22.3001429Z
F**k a duck
10476015a says2016-06-15T14:26:36.3703890Z
Because what Donald Trump said on TV was full of s**t! He is a Racism(Not letting Mexicans move to the USA because he said that Mexicans are criminals...Etc.), Chauvinism(Extremely disrespect females) man, and he also has Homophobia(He posted a Tweet that thanks for the person who has a gun and shoot a lot of people at a gay club in Orlando). He is such a terrible person I've seen! I'd rather Donald Duck for president than Donald Trump, Donald Duck is much better than Donald Trump. Even Donald Duck can make the USA in a better place! Don't let Donald Trump be a president of the USA, if we do vote him, it will be the end of the day of the USA.
Heleypanda says2016-11-10T07:09:59.4440714Z
I bet Donald Duck is a better kisser

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