Donald trump or Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: josh_mac101

Donald trump for president 2016

  • Donald trump

  • Hillary clinton

61% 22 votes
39% 14 votes
  • Hillary Clinton is responsible for 500,000 children starving to death in Syria, she sold us out to China in the China gate scandal, File Gate, Email Gate, Uranium One, 20% of her campaign is funded by Saudi Arabia, she and her husband are the worst career criminals in world history.

  • Hillary is nothing but a crook. It's common fact people. Look up 13 minutes of hillary clinton lying.

  • The only government building Hillary belongs in is prison.

  • If I were American I'd vote Clinton but we in the UK need a pro-Brexit american president.

  • I'd vote for an idiot that won't get anything done and at least knows what is wrong with this country over an anti-freedom idiot any day,

  • Audit the criminal Fed

  • Hillary has completely failed as a Secretary Of State, since Libya, Syria and other parts of the world have been devastated by her decisions. Also, she's a very good and blunt liar, which is apparent in her email scandal, where she knowingly lied, and in her husband's rape history, where she even threatened the victims, even though she new their claimes were true. Trump, on the other hand, has repeatedly shown that he's trustworthy, his businesses have very low failure rates (of around 500 businesses, only around 10 have failed). His economic policies make sense, although his foreign policies might be partially damaging in the long run. Trump doesn't fear to speak the truth, even when it's very unpopular to say so, unlike Hillary, which will follow the polls without hesitation.

  • I hate them both, but she's the lesser of the two evil's.

  • Can't say that Trump would do better than Clinton

  • i think she is very clever

    Posted by: salomp
  • Democrats are Pro Women, Pro LGBT, Pro Hispanic, Pro African American, Pro Muslim Rights, Pro Animal Rights, Pro Union Rights, Pro Social Security Rights, Pro College Grants, Loans, Scholarship Rights, Pro Environmental Rights, Pro Minimum Wage Rights, Why on Earth vote Republican?

    Posted by: migmag
  • He is an anti-vaccination climate change denier who once said all Mexicans are rapists. He really did....and he just might win. Now that is sad.

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Conservatism says2016-07-12T00:32:23.2382359Z
Hillary the lesser of two evils my ass. Lmfao she's nothing but a crook and a liar.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-12T00:41:18.4557495Z
@lannan13 Oh really? How so?
migmag says2016-07-12T07:50:04.5601927Z
The 15 people who voted for Trump need their head evaluated! Trump called all Latinos Rapists and Murderers, he said women who disagree with him must be PMS'ing, he's anti gay, anti minimum wage, anti cost of living increase for seniors, anti medicare, he's simply bad for every group (except straight white older right males)
Conservatism says2016-07-12T07:54:17.2850527Z
Migmag you seriously need to educate yourself. Everything you have said is incorrect. Just google it for crying out loud.
Conservatism says2016-07-12T07:55:30.7780660Z
The only true thing you've said is that he's anti minimum wage, and anti-medicare. The simple fact is that medicare needs to be reformed and the minimum wage destroys jobs.
migmag says2016-07-12T08:13:07.2891370Z
I'm the most politically educated one here. Which party supports Gay Rights? Democrats! Which party voted FOR the Equal Pay for Women Act AND AGAINST the Equal Rights Amendment? Democrats! Which party voted for Cost of Living INCREASES for Social Security? Democrats! So, you see, I'm completely right
ZeroKJoker says2016-07-12T09:04:56.0581660Z
Migmag is trolling i believe
Conservatism says2016-07-12T09:06:07.9155255Z
I believe so too.
migmag says2016-07-12T09:08:56.4278057Z
Go ahead, try to dispute my FACTS, you will LOSE

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