• I vote for Donald Trump

  • I vote for Hillary Clinton

57% 26 votes
43% 20 votes
  • Hillary Clinton is a crook.

  • Donald is the winner because he is telling the truth

  • I trust Trump to bring back prosperity to America thru jobs, economy, education, will build our weakened military strong. Stop nation building and interfering in the Middle East. He will secure our boarders, end Sactuary Cities, build a wall to stop drug and human trafficking.

  • Hillary Clinton wants war with Russia, which will result in both countries dying. She will rise taxes in America, and she is not honest. Trump speaks from his heart, so that's why I chose him.

  • I believe Hillary Clintions liberal ideas would best Donald Trumps conservative ideas.

  • I voted for Hillary because she has got all the facts that is needed to win my vote, her take on the division that is plaguing our nation with the police officers and african american men was outstanding.

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changesociety says2016-09-27T13:28:49.5071976Z
Can I pick none... Geez. Society needs Jesus more than ever, and honestly we need to be able to start changing ourselves as individuals and stop depending on others to try and change things for us. Yes, I believe in law enforcement and laws, but we as a society need to work together for a change! It seems as if no one comes together until a crisis happens, and that shouldn't be the case.

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