Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush

Posted by: SamStevens

Who would you vote for?

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Jeb Bush

20 votes
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Donald Trump

11 votes
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Texas14 says2015-08-19T02:35:54.1559176Z
Ick. How bout neither. Both are ultra right wing authoritarians.
Realchange says2015-09-11T04:38:54.0224108Z
Ok, I've personally had about enough of the Bushes and Clintons. Yes it would be cool if Jeb won because of his father and brother, but that's about it. I'd drink a beer with George W., but no more Bush presidents. I want to see a ballsy, outspoken, not politically correct president who can unscrew all the mind blowing mistakes that Obama made. Vote Trump.
drebert88 says2017-01-19T01:51:21.3105183Z
When you make Jeb Bush look good you're doing something wrong...

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