Dont you hate DDO blocking answers and polls for "moderation"?

Posted by: muricamurray

  • Yes

  • No

77% 10 votes
23% 3 votes
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muricamurray says2014-06-12T23:22:19.9473597-05:00
They blocked me on my answer again
Loveshismom says2014-06-12T23:39:50.2502477-05:00
Annoying huh?
muricamurray says2014-06-12T23:44:16.9617380-05:00
Loveshismom says2014-06-12T23:57:53.2265014-05:00
They're perfectly harmless and no MOOderators show up that is so hypocrotical
muricamurray says2014-06-13T00:34:37.5796998-05:00
Its like what the hell
muricamurray says2014-06-13T00:34:53.8814908-05:00
They didnt block me for that
Loveshismom says2014-08-10T22:41:43.2084743-05:00
It's always a PILE OF BULL

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