Dragon Ball Z Vs Pokémon

Posted by: F1EthanPlayz

Which franchise games and anime overall are better?

  • Dragon Ball Z

  • Pokémon

36% 15 votes
64% 27 votes
  • Lol. All of those youngsters on the Pokemon side. DBZ is a classic. It has direction. It follows it's own rules. (At least more so the Pokemon) AND there's a ending in site. I kept up with Pokemon until it reached about 526. Then I was like F*&# this. It's doens't even make since anymore. Keys as pokemon. . . . Fairy type? WTF? Lol

  • dbz wins no matter what even though pokemon are strong dbz is multiversal pokemon is multi solar system if arceus battled xeno that would be a good fight if the z fighters from the tournament of power battled legendary pokemon that would be good to but overall dbz wins

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izukdoria says2019-01-22T21:29:56.9463531Z
Dbz for life pokemon like blastoise and charizard are from island to country and legendary pokemon are like star to multi solar system++ meanwhile dbz is now multiversal
Rio14 says2020-11-04T04:45:02.6688809Z
Pokemon is the best kid friendly show although dragon Ball z is also famous and fun to watch still there are some adult jokes in it along with that Pokemon teaches us about the importance of friendship and determination to achieve our goals.

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