Dragons or Dinosaurs

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Which one do you prefer and why?

  • Dragons

  • Dinosaurs

33% 1 votes
67% 2 votes
  • I used to prefer Dinosaurs over Dragons, But i always prefer Dinosaurs!

  • Dinosaurs were real. Dragons are not. You can imagine a pretty cool dragon but you'll never be able to say it's real like the cool dinos are.

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ct-6116 says2020-04-28T15:05:35.8090090Z
Dragons are a combination of all the things humans find scariest. They are big beasts, But also snakes, But also (sometimes) BREATHE fire, Or come from the unknown depths of the ocean, And they are often very smart and tricky. They can represent many things from strength to wisdom to courage to GODS. But to me they represent how somethings are universal to all humanity, Because they show up in so many different cultures. Dinosaurs are just ancient chickens.

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