Dress Code In Elementry School

Posted by: GymnastGalore

Do You Think There Should Be Dress Codes In Elementry School?

22 Total Votes

No There Should Not Be A Dress Code

12 votes

Yes There Should Be A Dress Code

10 votes
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CannedBread says2015-06-19T14:06:04.3444644-05:00
This is such a overused poll!!!! This is like the 800th time this poll has been posted!!!!! Ssstttoooppp!!!
2kLaura says2016-11-09T22:36:37.8385956Z
No its sexist and you should be able to have the first amendment even in schools. Kids should not be forced to do things we do not want.
Pizzahut134653 says2017-05-10T14:36:43.7012175Z
This is so dumb I can't if teacher's can were flipflops and high heels I think so can students
johndoe555 says2017-10-11T13:25:24.5844817Z
Us kids should be able to wear whatever we want teachers get their choices what about us are you with me

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