• People on welfare checks should be drug tested

  • People on welfare checks should not be drug tested

83% 25 votes
17% 5 votes
  • They shouldn't be spending the money on drugs, so this would be a fair way of ensuring that the system is abused a little less

  • Not because drugs or alcohol are immoral, rather to ensure that people recieving welfare are using it for more pragmatic uses, such as food or housing

  • Testing for drugs before receiving welfare will keep individuals from spending the tax payer's money on drugs, and can help them to get rehab.

  • If people are just going to take our tax dollars and buy drugs with it, then they are sucking off the system and America doesn't deserve something like that. I believe that drug testing will enforce this

  • Because people on welfare are accepting "other peoples money" to live and have no right squandering any or that money on drugs, gambling, strip clubs or alcohol. Many of these kind of venues accept EBT cards. SICK! If you ask for hand outs you should be prepared to give up your rights to freedom. You should be treated like little children living at home under Mommy and Daddy's rules. Tough s**t. Welfare allows way too many luxuries beyond the necessities of living. It was not meant to make people so comfortable. Comfortable people on welfare and various other handouts lack motivation to work for anything better. We have a generation of lazy apathetic people who breed unrestricted then think they are not in the right to submit to a drug test? We cannot sustain generation after generation of degenerates. Getting them off drugs and whatever other vices they have will only serve to make life a little less comfortable and might spur them to do something good with their lives. Maybe not. Either way welfare should END!

  • costs more than it saves; full stop.

  • NO, for one that makes a faction of people more discriminated against. If a person is drug tested at work it is for insurance purposes...if you are injured and high, well then financial responsibility could be excused from the company. On the other hand, and although this is the one handout I think SHOULD BE SCRUTINIZED, you don't know how the drugs were obtained. And frankly most people drink like a fish, so there are tons of functioning addicts around...................

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themohawkninja says2013-10-24T11:11:29.8829433-05:00
Depends on effectiveness and lack of false positives.
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-24T12:02:06.8770642-05:00
No, it is a violation of the right to privacy
welfaredebate says2013-10-28T10:42:43.8530030-05:00
800/4000 welfare users that got drug tested and failed this involves moms which may mistreat their little kids. Its not fair to the people working and getting drug tested twards the people that sit there in paridise making money using dugs and doing nothing.
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-30T16:57:52.6031524-05:00
What paradise? Give me one real example of a plush welfare recipient lifestyle, and I may believe you and the Tea Jerk Party. Otherwise, being as I dedicated four years of pro bono work to the poor and welfare recipients during my tenure in the US, I say you are full of it.
54Hugo says2013-11-05T14:00:41.9424554-06:00
For a country who touts less government involvement and freedom or that they are patriots, that sentiment sure goes down the tubes when it is someone else's freedoms being taken away. Yes? Stop and frisk. Seat belts. Car insurance. 32oz drinks. On ?Food Stamps no cookies. Get real...It boils down to, "if it doesn't affect ME, it's ok nation". That is about as 'free' as the US is.
PhilDaBasshead says2013-11-19T21:40:17.1844377-06:00
Its not discrimination in the least bit. If you really believe that then you have to say that every employee of the government is being discriminated against as well as those employees who are drug tested by their employers in order to get a job with said company.
Learningtodeal says2014-04-11T09:08:11.8368528-05:00
You know what? If I have to test to get a job, and if I fail I lose said job....... How is that any different? You fail, no money!! Same as the rest of us....... Minus getting up and going to work.
Greenthumb says2014-06-18T21:31:13.8795269-05:00
Some people would argue that it goes against their 4th amendment to get drug tested to receive welfare. On the other hand those who have jobs, before they get the job, they need to have a drug test. It should be applied to those who are on welfare as well, especially if they are going to be receiving money that the taxpayers are providing them. In the states of California there was a study done about drug abuse and those on welfare. With 1.8 million households on welfare, 38% of them were on drugs. That adds up to quiet a bit of money. Money that the government is wasting taxpayers money on, supporting drug habits. I know far to many people on welfare who alway have enough food stamps left over who sell them to support their drug use. This is unacceptable in my opinion. There are many people out there who really need welfare and are getting denied, then you have those who abuse and lie to the government to get their "free" money. How is this justifiable?
The_Spoken_Truth says2014-12-17T17:53:24.1371391-06:00
Rammstauffenberg, how is it a violation of privacy? They are not standing over you watching you pee. Would you be mad if you worked your butt off, had a decent job house and car. But someone on welfare who was doing drugs and spending on things other then they should have ( food, cloths, etc.) had a nicer house and car then you. You are sounding like Florida's Governor, "its our right not to take the drug test" well it is not legal to do drugs and sit on you ass. We are heading in the wrong direction with this, France, has a high welfare, and they are near collapsing. Do you want to be like them and ask other countries for money so that the country does not fall apart. If i was a politician it would have been the death of me till i let the, no drug test policy happen. If they where drugged by some one else they should have to answer a series of questions before the welfare, if they so much as change their story or hesitate, then they should not receive welfare. They should head down the road to look for a job. (Annapurna1)

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