Ducks or Penguins?

Posted by: Lewimcdoodle

DUCKIES!!!! -Are an option.... But uhm, well... Penguins are there too!

  • Duck

  • Penguin

35% 8 votes
65% 15 votes
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Macgreggor says2013-12-05T23:37:37.6733929-06:00
safebug says2013-12-07T18:05:22.2197756-06:00
julianpelvis says2015-02-04T20:55:46.2485385-06:00
Hello, My name is Julian Pelvis. I am writing from the depths of my starry cave located deep within the heart of Transylvania. Whilst paddling on the quiet waters of the Mississippi River in my Iroqouis canoe, I encountered a flock of disgruntled mallard ducks. The ducks took one look at my trusty canine Stan and chose to pugnaciously attack. Stan never had a chance. The mallard kind takes no prisoners. From that day forward, the name of "duck" is mud in my mind. Penguins, on the other hand, what a concept. What a fundamental twist to what it means to be an avian being. To be feathered, glossy, and aerodynamic...Even winged...Yet incapable of taking to the skies. Imagine the pain. Imagine the constant state of existential crisis– to fail to perform the one function for which it seems one was born. It is not my intent to cast my opinion upon the shoulders of others. If you can sleep at night comfortable with the injustice that was inflicted upon my dear Stan, that is your own perogative. Best wishes. May you find Nirvana. Sincerely, Julian Pelvis

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