During a real life war, the first thing the government should protect is?

Posted by: kack

In reality during a real life war, unfortunately the first thing the government should consider is not how many of their countrymen they should protect first but how many high ranking officials they should protect lol. The government exist to protect the people but instead now they exist to protect the officials lol. I know the officials are important but are they more important than the lifes of thousands or millions? What I am trying to say is don't start a war if you aren't going to put your citizens saf

  • Citizens

  • Officials

72% 13 votes
28% 5 votes
  • While I do not fully agree with the rant above, I agree with part of it. If I know a civilian center is going to be hit and I have orders to abandon them to protect an official, I'll order my men to ignore that order and help the civilians. I'd rather die an honorable traitor than a loyal dog.

  • The foundation of nations.

  • The officials are meant to be a means to an end. The end is always , ideally, the good of the people in the case of a government that cares about its people.

  • Ya thats the answer. Of course officals are still citizens, isnt it? People are the priority, but tif the officals are gone, then start an organised direct-democracy.

    Posted by: Lukas8
  • The officials are the ones who can coordinate efforts to evacuate the citizens from a warzone. If they go down before they can get those efforts mounted, then we have a bit of a problem on our hands.

  • Without me, who will guide the people.

    Posted by: Belak
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m-nevermore says2015-01-31T12:21:07.9762124-06:00
Officials can be chosen again. There are many citizens capable of being an official. However, if the whole citizen population dies, there would be no backup for officials, nor would the word officials make sense. The job of officials would have no meaning without citizens. The citizens are far more valuable than the small population of officials. Also, aren't officials citizens too?

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