Eaten by a wolf pack or a crocodile?

Posted by: madness

Which would you rather be eaten by? Read the descriptions to help you decide.

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16ft of muscle and raw power. You're in an African river being swept down stream, when you notice a large croc on the river bank, he sinks into the water and disappears. You begin crying before you're hit by what feels like a car, then suddenly dr... agged under water. Your leg is grasped in the jaws of the croc and you feel your bones snap. The croc begins its death roll and your legs is torn from your body. As you panic under the water you begin swallowing water. Cause of death: Its unclear if drowning or fright kill you first   more
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Pack of hungry wolves

Alone in a large first you hear a near by howl. Scared to death you begin to run, but as you do, you notice a large pack of wolves darting towards you. Your feeble attempt at running makes you look pathetic like the fat ape you are. Before you have ... time to scream like a little girl, a wolf sinks its powerful jaws into your leg, bringing you down. You feel your leg break as the wolves bloodlust controls its attack. As if one wolf wasn't enough, the whole pack suddenly catch up and begin mauling you like a horde of hungry zombies. You hear blood curdling snarls and bones cracking as your torn apart limb from limb and being eaten alive. Your dismembered body twitches as the wolves gorge themselves on your dying body. Completely eviscerated, you finally die. Cause of death: Death by fear kills you before blood loss   more
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madness says2014-05-08T06:46:01.6602821-05:00
So crocodile won vs a shark. Now we have a new face off.
madness says2014-05-08T13:21:18.1048878-05:00
Wolves don't suffocate their prey like big cats, they overpower then and eat them alive. Also I the poll says which would you rather be eaten by. Not which is the most likely to attack....
EthicsPhilosopher says2014-05-12T08:30:33.7886057-05:00
People, wolves kill their prey (the larger prey* by trying to bite through the jugular vain or carotid artery. The animal suffocates or quickly bleeds to death. I hatethe kind of animal that eats things alive... My worst fear is a hyena for that reason... I hate hyenas... For many reasons..... So wolves would not be my fave if they did that kind of thing.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-12T08:32:25.6406057-05:00
How much do you like wolves to think that would be the coolest death?
EthicsPhilosopher says2014-05-12T20:43:31.1510987-05:00
........... Well..... I do love wolves quite a bit......... XD Wouldn't be the COOLEST but would be pretty darn far up the list.
madness says2014-05-13T14:08:08.7124847-05:00
Unlike bears or big cats wolves do not have an anatomical weapon capable of quickly killing their prey. They begin by biting the legs and gut, until their prey collapse from exustion, then they will begin eating it, even if the animal is still alive. I've reaserched this, and wolves do not suffocate their prey.

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