Effective teachers-nice or smart?

Posted by: ghostdance11

Does a teacher impact you more when you have a relationship, or when they teach in detail?

  • Healthy relationship

  • Teaches thoroughly/has a lot of education

56% 10 votes
44% 8 votes
  • I know a lot of teachers and professors who are highly smart and knowledgable but can't communicate well enough to the students.

  • Nice teachers are cool, but I'd be more comfortable if the person in charge of my/ my child's education actually knew what the hell they were talking about

  • I chose this side because you can have the nicest teacher in the world but if they do not understand the material then this does not benefit anyone. I know some will say that a teacher needs to establish a relationship with their students but the whole purpose of school is to learn not to build relationships.

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cyber_onions says2016-12-15T13:25:40.9427603Z
I don't think 'has a relationship with you' and 'teaches in detail' are mutually exclusive, as this poll seems to suggest. Teachers can be nice and knowledgeable, or strict and inept etc.
ghostdance11 says2016-12-15T15:35:28.4346798Z
I wanted to edit it, but I"m not able to. I completely understand what you mean. @cyber_onions I meant to ask, what has the biggest effect on you, if they are able to communicate well with you/you like them, or if they teach you a lot of info. Personally, the first affects me more, since I am the type of student who seeks knowledge wherever I can find it.

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