Electronic's impact to everyday lives

Posted by: epicdude

Do electronics impact you and why? Or why not?

  • Yes

  • No

95% 20 votes
5% 1 votes
  • Electronics are addictive to persons with nerdish tendencies.

    Posted by: bodhi
  • Of course. I use a computer and ipad everyday for school.

  • Yes, and in a negative way.

  • THIS IS HARD FOR A FANGIRL. Books are my life. But half of my life is spent fangirling on tumblr and fanfiction.

  • almost all my friends are online. in real life everyone is a jerk to me, i dont fit in, and im depressed. online, i feel like i belong. however, it also ruined my life in a way. im not going into detail on that though because its personal

  • in a sad good way.

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trenten says2017-05-25T22:04:50.8209738Z
Electronics are addicting beacuse they grab are attention every time you hear a ping or any noise

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