Elizabeth Warren or Wendy Davis for VP pick for Sanders

Posted by: Kylar

  • Elizabeth Warren

  • Wendy Davis

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
  • They agree to fight on most similar issues facing America. Both have great leadership qualities. They together care about the American people and wont be bought by Wall Street.

  • The point of a VP is to appeal to a broader voting base to rally support for your side. Warren is very well liked by hard leftists but she and Sanders already have a ton in common in terms of stances on the issues, meaning she wouldnt be bringing in more people to his side. Davis on the other hand is different enough from Sanders on the issues to get more people to his side.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-09-24T14:49:13.6716326Z
Geez, if the nation SERIOUSLY elects a very open socialist to the Presidency...We've lost all hope for saving the nation. Wake up America, can't you see that our heavy move toward Socialism over the past 7 years has literally ripped our nation to pieces; domestically as well as internationally? Quit being selfish and think about the future of this nation.
PetersSmith says2015-09-24T14:55:37.8126961Z
Trump for VP if Sanders wins, Sanders for VP if Trump wins.
gabep says2015-09-25T02:03:07.4361783Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont - Sanders' policy can be described as democratic socialism, not socialism. Meaning that we spend more on public services, welfare, and infrastructure.
TBR says2015-09-25T02:33:42.4735087Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont - We are thinking of this nation. Stop being arrogant, and stop being reactionary. Republicans have been demonstrably worse in policy over the last 50 years.
MrRogersBestNeighbor says2015-09-25T09:55:26.6167046Z
We live in a capitalist-socialist country, the same system that literally EVERY first world nation has. So the notion that socialism has damaged this country is quite absurd. Socialist policies have actually enhanced our standard of living in every measure as they have in every other first world nation. However I'm not saying socialism (not capitalist-socialism) is a good system of government. Far from it. But neither is pure capitalism. Now aside from that, Bernie Sanders' stances on issues aren't really socialist in the conventional sense, but fall more in line with liberal Democrats. Socialism has a lot of definitions, but the definition that the government is in control of all industry is not at all in line with Bernie Sanders' views. Thus, he's a Democratic Socialist (although I think even that classification on his stances is a bit of a stretch).

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