Enclave vs The Brotherhood of Steel

Posted by: thefanciestofrainbows

Which one is better?

Poll closed on 8/1/2015 at 12:00PM.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel

  • The Enclave

67% 8 votes
33% 4 votes
  • at least the brotherhood of steel has good intentions, (although selfish) while the enclave wishes to rule the wasteland for themselves, and cause chaos

  • They aren't the worst thing in the wasteland at least they have good intentions much better then the enclave intention to cause chaos and rule with and iron fist.

  • How could you choose the Enclave after they made your Dad commit suicide in Fallout 3.

  • I'm so excited for fallout 4, I hope the enclave is in and they play he good guys.

  • in fallout new Vegas the brotherhood of steel wants to out last every one so they hid in a cave and protect their tech in fallout 3 the enclave wants to make everything the way it was as the brotherhood of steel just wants to not face the destruction of super mutants and would rather go to war with the enclave

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Tyler-green says2015-06-11T12:02:00.3660297-05:00
Hard chose
CannedBread says2015-06-11T16:03:27.1670133-05:00
" the enclave wishes to rule the wasteland for themselves, and cause chaos" It never says in the story that the enclave wants to cause chaos, they want to kill all people that have been exposed to radiation. Basically they are the master race of the fallout universe. Only the half of the Enclave wants what the east coast enclave wants, the other half strayed away from the evil main portion.

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