Enhanced Interrogation

Posted by: fishhunter61

Should Enhanced Interrogation, also known as torture, be used on terrorists to secure your nation?

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Gareth_BM says2016-10-19T07:15:31.1687084Z
If your argument for enhanced interrogation is that it does more good than harm please name one terrorist attack that was prevented by torture. Because it is torture and if you truly believed what you were doing was right you'd except it for what it was.
QuinnCR says2016-10-19T16:21:56.4553309Z
There is almost always someone higher up. Our government knows who they are, they just don't do anything about it. Torture would be effective only if followed up with military countermeasures.
SomeGuyWhoLovesFood says2016-10-19T17:17:32.7102401Z
25% (I think) of gitmo inmates were innocent, but just nominated by the Afgan govt. Because they didn't like them, if you REALLY want to do torture, then at least trial them first.

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