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Long term jobless benefits have expired; Congress is debating whether to extend them. Your view?

  • Support

  • Oppose

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Entitlements come in various forms. I see no difference between giving a lift to the unemployed, or giving a company years of tax-exempt status. Both are entitlements. And, to be honest, an unemployed individual needs the help more than any corporation!

  • I'm not against entitlements totally, but they're out of control today. I think it should be up to individuals and churches to help people, not the government.

  • I'm sick of people living off welfare while I pay my taxes!

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Venusara says2014-05-09T23:36:56.2735551-05:00
Shall we instead let the middle class disintegrate? Let all social programs that were meant for "public good" go bad? Playing Devil's advocate, should we not all ban together to create national infrastructure, parks, schools and libraries to maintain some sort of decency within the United States?

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