Environmental Protections in danger!

Posted by: RussellSakay

Vote to stop this president by having him go through the House in order to make changes to our EPA!

Poll closed on 2/3/2019 at 12:00AM.
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Place the House in control of any changes to our EPA

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Allow Trump to destroy our environment and our children’s future

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MitchV says2018-12-09T21:50:44.6135563Z
Looks like a typical liberal poll. Either submit to their dogma or claim that you want to kill children. Thing is, The cuts Trump makes not only make multi-million dollar cuts to the budget but help our local industry boost jobs. Maybe the liberals want Trump to be more like Frances president who raised the gas tax by $4 a gallon. Wonder what all the fires from the riots are doing to their air quality? What pollutes more per gallon, Gas in your car or gas in Molotov cocktails.
Callan says2018-12-10T01:22:20.8872048Z
I'm not in favor of making long term changes to fix short term problems. If you don't like what Trump is doing, Vote him out of office, Don't change the system.
TheGabe1e says2018-12-10T03:02:27.6251951Z
EPA is a useless agency anyway. Billions of dollars spent on it and they barely do anything.

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