Equality’s Utopia. All people will be same.

Posted by: Contrast

Kind of clones. Same brain, face, body and skin, and no need to say different character and consciousness, because it depends on life experience.

  • Yes. It would be nice

  • No. It seems boring/horrible or have critical issues

6% 2 votes
94% 29 votes
  • Everybody will have similar innate possibilities. Everybody will realize their aging and mortality since childhood. People may forget each other fast a lot. You need to reach staying in other’s people memory. Drugs will cure for sure if it will they exist. Everybody can reach highs in any human activities (I doubt only in the creative processes). It will lead to great achievements in society. Every comfortable thing will be comfortable for everyone. A lot of stuff will be much cheaper to create. People’s equality will be evident. People will have different interests and knowledge. Differ men in art may be possible.

  • communism...

  • What could possibly be more boring?

    Posted by: Bob13
  • Equality doesn't exist (when you have more than 1 person). Even if we were all clones we would still find a way to separate ourselves. It might be something as simple as the people on the north side vs the people on the south side.

  • What is the point if you have nothing to fight for or to work towards? Stagnation is not the way to live.

    Posted by: kperry
  • Equality is everyone being equal and having everyone being the same would not equal that. That would equal a world in which everyone was the same physically but not the same in terms of equality. There would still be disadvantaged and advantaged clones and there would probably be a thread asking if equality's utopia would be all people would be different.

  • We each contribute something different to this world. Whether it be intelligence, kindness, or creativity. Maybe a rare piece of beauty to splash color on our dull lives. Some of us gift the world with ingenuity and ideas, while others carry out the duties that are required for an efficient society. The evil bring harm that the courageous will perpetually fight against, and the gentle will heal those who it has wounded. All of us serve a different purpose that makes our world both beautiful and terrible. Without individuality there would be no reason for us to exist at all.

    Posted by: emzan
  • What about Free Will? What about living an actual Fucking Life? I Hate You People. you Make me Want To Punt Orphans!

  • Impossible. As much as others would have us lie to ourselves and tell us that we are equal, but we are not. Some people are born stupid, some born smart, some born weak, some born strong, some born dead, some alive, and so on. I don't care about the "boring" arguments or the "morality" arguments, it simply is impossible. Even if we started cloning, the clones would have different personalities, and different experiences.

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Contrast says2016-02-27T20:11:59.9871224Z
Hey guys. I am accidentally posted 6(!) same polls. I am really sorry. Please choose one with other people's votes. Report others.
Contrast says2016-02-27T20:23:47.7285071Z
I think what true communism (not the way it was) will be real utopia. (If people will have enough free will). But it is another long debate
Contrast says2016-02-28T05:02:55.0470875Z
Thx for Bob. Yeah, same faces, but people different. Also Folklore and cultural traditions still may exist. It's just weird. I hope where will not be a persons insisting on entirely same look.
Contrast says2016-02-28T12:44:02.5583320Z
@snkcake666. You gave me idea. It wouldn't work without serious control. Crime will ruin it very fast. But firstly idea had nothing common with totalitarism. Anyway there is no need in 1984. Everybody will be able to do things they want, like in real life at least. Everybody can be unique If our brain is as cool as scientists talk about it.
Contrast says2016-02-28T18:06:06.6490088Z
Maybe it's too evidently but will be better if you write your reasons
snkcake666 says2016-03-01T01:04:07.3552733Z
@Contrast Quite the ironic username, if that is sincerely what you propose. But unfortunately, there is an issue with your claims: People are -not- inherently unique or different by nature. People are naturally inclined to form to the masses at hand, not to deviate mentally. It is through doubt, and through will, which an individual may form among them. When absolute conformity seizes the people, the number of actual individuals decreases astoundingly. You wish for equality in outcome, not equality in opportunity. Have you ever seen the short movie known as 1981? It enforced this mindset, and if you have not, I do suggest it. It reminded me a fair bit of 1984 in aspects.
Contrast says2016-03-01T20:46:40.7561816Z
This idea came in my head and I wanted fully realize sides. I defended it till hadn’t got worthy arguments. Because despite negative aspects I thought what people’s life would became better. Everybody would understood each other’s existence, own mortality. No more useless illusions and worries. There still would be different opportunities but it wouldn’t be so meaningful for people anymore. I don't find progress as something important here. You took it deeper in social aspects. I haven’t known that similarity cuts individuality in society. Of course people will be different. But if this difference isn’t enough concept is weak. @snkcake666, Thank you for your participation and thoughts. I'm glad you were here. Can you give me more information about this short movie. It’s hard to find.
Contrast says2016-03-02T17:18:24.8298036Z
@Heterodox. I agree with you. Of course equality doesn't exist. And unequal opportunities isn't a problem itself. I don't even think what justice is so important thing as people find it. But in that concept I thought life would become better. I think It will minimize people's worries about unequal opportunities way more than equality of wealth. Snkcake gave me reason why this idea is a failure. You may read it in comments. Thank you for response
Ocean_knight says2016-04-07T19:33:23.0896313Z
Read The Giver
Dburch111 says2016-06-19T16:46:34.3826656Z
This poll is pretty flawed as a whole.
Wolfram says2016-07-25T02:57:58.5339332Z
Equality is nothing more than the delusion of wishful thinking. Anyone should accept that anyone isn't born and raised as the equals. After all, it's the nature of humanity.

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