Eragon vs. Percy Jackson on the scale of awesomeness

Posted by: griffgriff

  • Eragon

  • Percy Jackson

67% 10 votes
33% 5 votes
  • Because percy is BA in his new books f the movies though

    Posted by: oskark
  • Heh. This is going to bring out the old fanboy in me. But anyone at the age of sixteen who isn't afraid to tackle gods and titans, anyone who isn't afraid to wrestle Hades, anyone who has no problem standing in the face of Greek giants, who are capable of wiping out gods and titans in the flick of their hand... That person gains badass points. Easily.

  • If this isn't about the movies then Percy is sooo much more awesome. Both his movies were pretty bad in comparison to the books so, though Eragon's movie wasn't the best either, Eragon's movie was better than Percy's.

    Posted by: Owlz
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theOmniscient says2014-04-16T10:50:02.9967994-05:00
Is this about the books, or the movies?

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