Ethiopia is best African country and will continue to be the best. (For Fun)

Posted by: Rezamee

Nigeria doesn't count because using oil is basically cheating and ancient Egypt is different from Egypt today... So they don't count either. And you know what, any nation in Africa that was ruled by Europe for ten plus years also doesn't count. Ethiopia has a wealthy history, a rapidly growing economy, and a very unique people.

  • You are right, Ethiopia stronk.

  • They starve! (This isn't the 70s)

44% 4 votes
56% 5 votes
  • ethiopia is pro country bruv, the famine isn't as bad as the media portrays anymore, in fact, it is practically non existant, in terms of airlines, ethiopia is pro! in terms of olympics, ethiopia is pro! in terms of coffee, ethiopia is pro! i would say south afrika or kenya is also good place, but somalia sucks donkey balls

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Vox_Veritas says2015-10-13T13:55:01.8730661Z
ButterCatX says2015-10-13T14:19:06.9792027Z
Ethiopians run almost as fast as Kenyans
greatkitteh says2015-10-13T14:27:47.0596378Z
Modern day egypt still counts for economy, millitary, and history, and Sotuh africa counts as the Zulu empire, both with richer histories and better exonomies.
greatkitteh says2015-10-13T14:29:54.5452894Z
I question "Cheating", juding by oil, is Angola cheatig for being in OPEC? Is Egypt allowed if Modern day egypt is still better than Ethopia? Also, I could cheat by Picking surriea lionne and cote lvore.
Rezamee says2015-10-13T14:48:53.9131999Z
Give me a minute, kitten.
Vox_Veritas says2015-10-13T15:18:56.6682676Z
It's been estimated that by the year 2100, according to current trends, Nigeria will have a population of 750 million people.
Rezamee says2015-10-13T15:25:57.2523556Z
That most likely wont happen, as more people and more people in Nigeria get higher education the birth rates will decline just as it did in the industrialized world.
Rezamee says2015-10-13T16:14:13.5599317Z
@greatkitteh I said using oil was cheating because it basically is in world economics. Just look at Nigeria, they've been using oil for decades and now have the largest economy in Africa. BUT, it was because of Nigeria's god damn oil, not their economic reforms or policies... Just oil. And then there's Egypt, many of them think they are directly descendant from the Ancient Egyptians, which would give them a rich history. BUT they are not, most Egyptians are not directly ancient Egyptian, instead they are Arabs who think they are 'Egyptian'. Also Egypt in the early 1900s didn't know how to balance their budget, got into debt, and basically became a British protectorate. While Ethiopia at that time was trying to industrialize due to concerns of Ethiopia becoming another colony of European rule. The Italians tried invading in 1895, but they failed for several reasons, one they severely underestimated the Ethiopians, two, unlike other African empires, the Ethiopians manged to get guns, and three the Ethiopians had an excellent emperor, these factors, and more, allowed Ethiopia to remain independent. As time passed the emperors of Ethiopia were preparing a Japanese-style industrialization, they were sending lots of students to European universities, their government was studying European politics and governing, and they were urbanizing their populations getting ready for the industrial revolution. But then 1935 came, and Italy was butt-hurt that they lost a war to people who didn't know what a gun was until the late 19th century. They started the second Italo-Ethiopian war and at first were losing miserably, due to Ethiopia's large but obsolete army. But the Italians were fed up with losing and sent a total of 500000 troops, bombers, and artillery from two theaters. The Somali theater and the Eritrean theater, and to top that off they also violated international law at the time. The violation was using mustard gas in warfare. The war was a total disaster for Ethiopia, most the people they sent to Europe to learn ideas and come back with those ideas... Died, the Italians destroyed the institutions that allowed the Emperor to do his job (this took affect after the occupation) and Ethiopian moral for imperialism diminished. After WW2, Ethiopia had a brief thirty years of peace. The Emperors legitimacy has significantly weaken, making industrialization harder. Not only that, but a communist coup, called the Derg, backed by the Soviet Union further slew down the industrialization process. When the Soviet Union fell, the Derg fell with it, they left an economy and people in shambles but in recent years the new government has been able copy the Chinese-style growth. The EPRDF, has turned a economy with a GDP(PPP) of 5 billion in 1995 to an economy with a GDP (PPP) value around 132 billion. All without the use of oil, and now they have discovered oil and natural gas deposits in Ethiopia, the deposits have been analyzed and determined that they contain billions of barrels. Not only this, but it is expected that the GDP growth of Ethiopia will double sometime between 2017 to 2025. The Chinese style growth is definitively paying off. And Ethiopia with its rich history/culture, growing economy, and unique people, in my opinion, is and will always be the best African nation on the planet. Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, all have decent economies now, but lack the unique culture, and the economic vigor Ethiopia is going through. (Zulus are the exception... Kind of)
UtherPenguin says2015-10-13T16:50:29.2062913Z
Somalia str0nk
PetersSmith says2015-10-13T19:21:49.4467695Z
Is Ethiopia even an Asian Lion?
PetersSmith says2015-10-13T22:27:06.7274977Z
Rezamee says2015-10-14T02:54:30.3974729Z
@PeterSmith Yes Ethiopia is one of the African lions, unlike stagnant South Africa and barbaric Somalia.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:45:37.9156625Z
@Rezamee Somalia str0nk. Just look at the Ogden War *insert lenny face*
Rezamee says2015-10-14T03:47:32.1960520Z
@UtherPenguin Look at Somalia now, its being split into two by Ethiopia and Kenya. There are rumors that the countries will actually annex parts of Somalia, particularly Ethiopia. They need a coast anyway.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:47:35.6904296Z
@Rezamee Somalia str0nk and not barbaric. Somalia can into sea while Ethiopia cannot.
Rezamee says2015-10-14T03:48:41.3358088Z
@UtherPenguin Very funny, now I hope Ethiopia does annex its way to the sea, plus the oil would be nice.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:49:01.8028776Z
@Rezamee Well I guess it's time to to annex Ogaden, but first we need a government >:(
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:50:24.6081468Z
Somalia is the one MENA country with oil that has not been successfully invaded or sanctioned by the US. See how str0nk we r?
Rezamee says2015-10-14T03:51:18.1938033Z
@UtherPenguin You will never have your government, Somalia will be annex and harnessed for its resources, maybe throw some genocide in there. The Ethiopian government has been killing Somalis in the Ogaden region and I am sure they would do the same if they had some parts of former Somalia.
Rezamee says2015-10-14T03:53:41.8837694Z
@UtherPenguin I'm sorry, but Ethiopia str0nk.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:55:46.8577727Z
@Rezamee Ethiopia still cannot into sea. Somalia have str0nkest saline in Africa, and no colonialism, piracy, or nuclear waste dumps will stop that.(insert lenny face)
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T03:56:51.0062063Z
*str0nkest sealine, not saline
Rezamee says2015-10-14T03:58:42.6103549Z
@UtherPenguin One of Ethiopia's economic priorities is to acquire ports, and Somalia is the only answer. So we will into sea soon mate.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-14T04:01:33.2468339Z
@Rezamee Challenge accepted m8, it's on like 1977
greatkitteh says2015-10-14T11:05:15.8855551Z
Egypt is not only about ancient egypt, and The story doesn-t end after Britain, the Cold war Happened. Egypt had it's own say and freely switched sides, while the ethopians were divided and thled by the soviet union. Also, using oil as an argumebt, Congo has more natural resources and Should be the Largest african country. Angola is in OPEC, etc. etc. Even Madagadcar has natural resources, is that cheating?
Rezamee says2015-10-14T12:34:34.4014015Z
@greatkitteh One, oil is cheating, two, most people know Egypt for Ancient Egypt not Arab Egypt, and three, Ethiopia was divided politically. Ever since WW2 the Emperor lost a lot of his institutions, his people's faith, and most of all, his legitimacy. This lead to Soviet-backed political parties such as the Derg which ruined Ethiopia's dreams of industrialization. And to clarify why oil is basically cheating, in the economic sense it is. When a nation has huge easily accessible oil deposits, western companies will flock to such a country to extract the oil, they are flocking for the resource not the economic policies or reforms of the nation. Just look at Nigeria, of course it has some economic legislation, but the country focuses mostly on oil, which for now, its working. Also just because you have natural resources doesn't mean its cheating or a guarantee you'll be rich, what I am saying is that nations with huge oil deposits get a HUGE head start to nations that don't. Ethiopia has been growing around 11% for a decade now, that number is expected to double in the near future. But guess what? Unlike Nigeria, Angola, or Egypt, Ethiopia is implementing Chinese-style reforms, their economy is being driven by the people, not a resource. And to top that off, they found huge natural gas deposits in Ethiopia, so I really hope that in the next 30-40 years Ethiopia will be among the developed nations of the world... Hopefully.
greatkitteh says2015-10-15T11:06:17.6409147Z
It is still managing the oi that makes them rich, Congo would be the richest country since the west would flock to it, yet The Congo doesn't manage the resources well, Unlike Egypt or another rich african nation. Also, the why is clolonazation cheating?

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