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  • Science supports evolution. Stawman arguments made by creationists are used to make it seem correct. When we want to be objective about it we look at the evidence, and it points to evolution. Sorry creationism, it is not your day.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Alright beast, first of all, how could you POSSIBLY assume that we beleive everything isn't intelligently desighned. Second of all, your follow up makes LITTERALY no sense. If i snapped my fingers and a rose appeard... Well, i mean... Yeah... Of course that can't happen. You're arguing for the wrong side... I think... Maybe i could tell if it wasn't as... Random...

  • Christians are far more within their tradition of they affirm both, God created the cosmos as pregnant with life. Miraculous intervention on Christianity is the only thing that is "teleological" ... miracles are used FOR establishing a covenant in order to stand out among all other pagan 'gods' (probably demons if they exist.) Miracles FOR vindicating prophets and ultimately the work and teachings of Jesus. Random miraculous intervention where it is trivial doesn't need to be fought for if its conjectural at best.

  • There is proff of evolution, u can test it your self the main principle of evolution, natural selection. If you want to know refer the internet

    Posted by: crn
  • evolution and natural selection prove that we have evolved. The human race has learned to adapt to many places on Earth environment

  • Religion began as a way for early man to explain natural phenomena like earthquakes, lightning, floods, etc. Man came up with the best explanation he could at the time to help explain "why are we here?" and "what happens after you die?". Science has filled in the blanks particularly in the past couple of hundred years. The only way we know about "creation" is from the bible, which was verbally passed from generation to generation before it was every written, then it was translated and changed several times. There were no eyewitnesses to those events. It never says "God said to me..." Science (evolution) has proof; the Bible's interpretations are assumptions.

    Posted by: kix61
  • I keep hearing from creationists that evolution states that we evolved from monkeys - it doesn't say that at all. We share a common ancestor with modern apes. This is not the same as evolving from monkeys.

  • Creationists are misinformed. They are being lied to. It is really sad how little of the world they will understand.

  • Proof, evolution has it creationism doesn't.

  • Can I ask one question if you believe in evolution. Then you believe not everything is intelligently designed. If nothing was intelligently designed then you should be able to snap your fingers and a rose appears in your hands. Ohhh. Whats that. You can't do that. Well I knew it wouldn't. Second how did we evolve from bacteria to fish to reptiles to monkeys to humans. Because as I have learned a dog can't make love with a duck and get a cute baby mixture. That wouldn't be right. Now would it.

  • A world this complex cannot have just created itself. That makes no logical sense.

  • I believe that the changes in people over time was not from evolution, but from inbreeding. since i believe adam and eve were the ancestors of everyone, all that inbreeding changes people. then it reached another choking point with noah and the flood. this would explain the skulls of early humans they dug up being different then today. there's no way i came from a retarded fish frog that banged a turtle and eventually turned into a human.

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SNP1 says2014-05-20T18:24:28.8363286-05:00
BEASTxKNIGHTx12: Have you taken biology classes?
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T18:26:55.1969138-05:00
jacobie1121 says2014-05-20T18:27:31.7619286-05:00
Zylorarchy says2014-05-20T18:29:16.2062177-05:00
@BEASTxKNIGHTx12: I completely fail to see how believing in evolution and dismissing "intelligent design" means I should be able to snap my fingers and make a rose appear. Look up evolution, then you will see how we got "from bacteria to fish, to reptiles, to moneys, to humans" as you put it.
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T18:31:54.3255286-05:00
I havn't even taken bio yet and i know what you said is just dumb
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T18:34:35.4267286-05:00
And we didn't come from monkeys we came from a prehistoric species similare... But they wern't monkeys
ChadIrvin says2014-05-20T18:49:06.0827451-05:00
The Bible says God created every species according to its kind. Dogs, cats, birds, oak trees, daisies... A cat cannot mate with a duck and create a completely different "kind." Evolution says that humans came from a monkey, which came from a lizard, which came from a bird, etc. Show me one shred of evidence that proves one kind of animal turned into another kind of animal. You cannot.
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T18:53:20.6079286-05:00
You are completely misinterpreting it. It's not like pokemon where after a certin amount of time your creature just evolves. It happens over the span of billions of years. It's small changes. Very very small changes. There is not one fine line between what we are and what we have been.
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T18:56:19.9967451-05:00
http://anthro.palomar.edu/evolve/evolve_3.htm This might help you understand a little bit more.
ChadIrvin says2014-05-20T19:12:48.1182682-05:00
Instantly or billions of years, one kind cannot change into another kind. I'm sorry, though, I'll have to wait on your link since I'm using my phone at the moment.
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T20:58:06.4395286-05:00
Just copy and paste the link into he url. Im on mobile aswell
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T20:58:25.2551990-05:00
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-05-21T09:05:26.7643593-05:00
Well if you believe in evolution. Where did the first atom come from? Humans are just one big ball of biology, but we all have a spiritual soul. That is why are bodies are corrupt.
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-05-21T09:09:03.8064597-05:00
If we are evolving why haven't our recent apes become humans.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T10:58:59.1853869-05:00
How come my monkey turn to a Man
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T10:59:11.6501146-05:00
Jk he can't
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T11:00:14.2373146-05:00
How can we become human and gargoyles from dust, rock, and Gases?
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T11:58:02.0015142-05:00
For some reason this reminds me of the "Turtles all the way down" expression. One side my ask how did we become humans from monkeys, or how did life come to be by gasses and water? Well then, let me answer your question with yes, another question. Who made Jesus? God very good. Now, who made Earth? God. Good.. Now, who made God?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:17:15.2069146-05:00
The Holy spirit
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T12:19:52.6522425-05:00
Who made the Holy Spirit? Where did it come from?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:21:09.2165905-05:00
Jesus made him
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:21:24.1361146-05:00
And God made Jesus
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T12:22:27.5189146-05:00
Like I said its turtles all the way down. You can't really prove that God made us, and we can't really prove that we were born from gases and water a long time ago on Earth.. Well, at least not yet.
SNP1 says2014-05-21T12:22:36.9510869-05:00
Who made God?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:23:40.7871053-05:00
Jesus made God
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:24:18.6533146-05:00
God is a spiritual living thing not a matter-able thing
SNP1 says2014-05-21T12:24:45.0953146-05:00
Jesus made God and God made Jesus? Do you see the logical flaw?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T12:29:13.1033146-05:00
Don't forget the Holy spirit :D
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T13:34:17.4245146-05:00
It doesn't work like that. Jesus couldn't have made God if God made Jesus. And then that leave the Holy Spirit out of the order. But even if you do add the Holy Spirit I'm there, you can't or don't know who made the Holy Spirit.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T13:35:30.9473146-05:00
They couldn't make each other because they were there already We need faith like a mustard seed
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T13:36:29.9335867-05:00
But you said it yourself. God made Jesus and Jesus made god.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T13:38:57.6967867-05:00
God made Satan (Perfect) angels and the rest of the universe
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T13:40:09.7219867-05:00
Okay God made a lot. But he couldn't make himself. So then who made God.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T13:42:37.2797146-05:00
Wait wait wait I'm already segueing i can answer ,but I won't
Muttl200 says2014-05-21T13:48:52.0245863-05:00
If you could answer, why wouldn't you? Just curious.
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T13:52:14.0952722-05:00
God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one. They were not created by each other and never were created.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T13:55:04.5722381-05:00
I remembered that segueing about God and God's word is wrong
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:28:22.8917146-05:00
We didn't come from apes. And know can eve know what the first atom was. Earth was created be dust and debri that got condensed and soldified over billions of years.
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:32:38.7161146-05:00
And how do we know monkeys arn't turning into more smart sentian creatures as we speak? As far as I'm conserned, we are ALL evolving right now. Everything is ALWAYS evolving. Like i said before, it's not like pokemon where we just instantly EVOLVE, it takes billions of years and trillions of small slow changes. There is no fine line between what we are, have been, and will be.
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T15:40:22.9721146-05:00
Evolution is the idea that the universe started from nothing. Creationism is the idea that e universe was created by an intelligent being. I find it difficult to believe nothing created everything.
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:46:10.4075514-05:00
If you guys still arn't getting t, think of a rainbow. All the colors are different right? But they all seem to fade in to eachother. And there needs to be yellow to get to blue. Skipping green would completely mess EVERYTHING up, and it would no longer be a rainbow. And then theres all the other colors in between. Now compare that to evolution. Going from a fish to a monkey wouldn't make any sense unless we had something in between, like secondary colors. Anothr good example is the life of a frog. From a water dwelling creature, to a land dwelling creature. Then theres everythig in between. Hopping (no pun intended) from a todpole to a frog would not make any sense. It's a slow process.
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:49:35.6800353-05:00
I meant green to get to blue
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:51:21.7457951-05:00
Now wait... I was right before... To get from yellow to blue wouldn't make any sense, thats why there is green.
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T15:52:36.7395422-05:00
Jman, I know what you're saying. I just don't agree with it. Evolution ideology tells us that everything we see in existance was created from nothing. And an explosion does not eventually create something. It destroys it.
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T15:55:30.1860862-05:00
No thats what religion says... Evolution says everything comes from something... That we all have one common ancestor.
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T16:00:32.3467467-05:00
Jman, as a Christian, I believe everything was created by one intelligent being...God. According to the evolution theory, everything as we know it came from one major event...The big bang. Something coming from nothing. Before the big bang, there was nothing. If there was something before the big bang, where did that something come from?
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T16:02:52.5898477-05:00
No one knows. Maybe god created it. I thought the big bang was when gid said let there be light? I honestly feel the BBT is a bit farfetched my self.
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T16:03:14.0241103-05:00
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T16:04:43.2269227-05:00
And if we are talking about how the universe was created, maybe to other universes colided and made a giant explosion
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T16:14:50.3789921-05:00
"No one knows. Maybe god created it. I thought the big bang was when gid said let there be light?"....When God said "let there be light" there was light. There was no big explosion.... "And if we are talking about how the universe was created, maybe to other universes colided and made a giant explosion"....So where would those other universes come from?
Jman0056 says2014-05-21T16:17:45.9584954-05:00
Other big bangs? Maybe even god. Who knows?
madness says2014-05-21T16:56:03.1874037-05:00
Science is taught in schools for a reason you brain damaged yard.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T19:13:28.8737921-05:00
So evolution comes from cross breeding?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T19:15:25.6962225-05:00
We are stupid apes that can´t even comunicate with our ancestors and can´t even write right
ChadIrvin says2014-05-21T19:25:14.9866912-05:00
"Science is taught in schools for a reason you brain damaged yard.".....And what's your point? So is sex education. So is distorted history. You think because something is taught in school it's okay an somehow correct?
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-21T19:28:25.9462912-05:00
Im An ape im your father you got to have more respect for me or else i´ll send big momma ape to switch you
giraffelover says2014-05-21T22:22:11.4161921-05:00
Muttle, let me ask you a question: Where is the starting point of a line? God's life is like a line that has no beginning, whereas our lives are a line segment. Afterwards, whether you believe it or not, we go to our life that is like a ray: it has a beginning, but no ending. As for Evolution, why do Evolutionists never cease with the insults? That only gives science a bad name. Ironically, it's the atheists who insult people who REALLY insult science. Science is about questioning whether something is true or not.
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-05-22T07:08:01.1087775-05:00
Yes I have taken biology. Why?
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-05-22T07:10:18.4495398-05:00
Ohh fine if I read about Evolution. Then I want you to go look at the Bible and read.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-22T10:24:37.3737648-05:00
If the evolution is tru then how come a piece of lead from a pencil doesn't evolve to a gun or spear?
Loveshismom says2014-05-22T23:07:08.2050790-05:00
Interesting logic there, Migrating_Hacker.
blackmagicwoman says2014-05-23T10:39:29.5610168-05:00
I know right. Some great logic right there
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-23T14:12:49.3399229-05:00
How come all humans are the same and not different types of people because or according to "evolution" we come from apes then we should should have varieties? Idk what i wrote :D
SonOfMan13 says2014-05-23T14:21:55.2413405-05:00
Why some people insist on insulting humanity and making our ancestors monkeys? Did the creator of monkey unable to make the human??
patrick967 says2014-05-23T17:14:38.5275563-05:00
The idiocy for creationism is insane.
SonOfMan13 says2014-05-23T17:19:43.9608521-05:00
Laughing on others opinion and insulting their believes ,is only a stupid way to loose a discussion
SonOfMan13 says2014-05-23T17:28:09.2166025-05:00
And then people bring natural selection as a proove that creationism is wrong ,well who created everything made verses or laws that can never changed, one of them is the natural selection like a defense system between all creatures to sace the next generations
ChadIrvin says2014-05-23T17:31:03.6770091-05:00
There has never been an incident where one species mated with another species and created a new species. Never happened and never will
ChadIrvin says2014-05-23T17:36:09.6656049-05:00
"The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good."--Genesis 1:12
ChadIrvin says2014-05-23T17:37:38.3365733-05:00
"God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good."--Genesis 1:25
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-05-23T22:25:10.1124430-05:00
If you believe after we die and we're gone forever. Then what is the point of even making new technologies on Earth.
Dragonaut111 says2014-05-28T21:12:43.7088874-05:00
Actually 2 different species can mate, lions and tigers can and have produced offspring. Evolution occurs in small amounts over a long period of time. One thing i think creationists often misconstrue is that evolutionary changes are leaps and bounds, an Ape giving birth to a Man is a great example of the massive misunderstanding some have of evolution. Another is the idea that apes should still be evolving into Humans, Humans did not come from the modern day Ape we descended down a different evolutionary path than apes albeit from a common ancestor. Hopefully i educated a few people with that i have zero doubt though i will change any creationists mind :D
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-28T23:15:33.1313968-05:00
So evolution is made by two different species to breed and then create another specie to evolve
Mike01506 says2014-05-31T14:12:46.0373797-05:00
Themightyindividual, it's clear that you don't understand the thing you're attacking, which makes for a poor argument.
Loveshismom says2014-06-10T07:27:59.3231475-05:00
Intelligent design would explain a lack of vestigial structures.
Charliecdubs says2014-06-11T21:18:33.3302011-05:00
Except there isn't a lack of vestigial structures there are loads of them in so may species. If this was intelligently designed then there would not be any left over structures at all
Charliecdubs says2014-06-11T21:20:16.0157961-05:00
Ok the guy with the cat picture must be a troll there is now way someone could be acting like that in a serious manner lol
Charliecdubs says2014-06-11T21:20:47.0440142-05:00

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