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TBR says2015-02-13T10:11:51.6884919-06:00
While just about the simplest of questions, I am interested in the results. The site seems to be somewhat God believing heavy. I saw a new poll that has non-believe at about 1:4. The results are showing closer to what I might expect for a site like this. At this point we have ~44%, but with a very small vote count.
PetersSmith says2015-02-13T11:33:41.6208565-06:00
PetersSmith says2015-02-13T11:33:46.5193821-06:00
Look at religion.
TBR says2015-02-13T11:50:57.9324378-06:00
Very cool PeterSmith. Didn't know that page existed.
PetersSmith says2015-02-13T12:09:19.8195010-06:00
TBR: Most people don't for some reason.
TBR says2015-02-15T16:27:20.6566345-06:00
@RBpilfer - That's some seller reasoning. Want me to find you some nice absurd and dogmatic religious rants? How about obscene actions in the name of God? As for coming from nothing, we have better evidence of that than the "presto - universe" given by almost all religions.
Olkuter says2015-02-19T00:47:46.1256688-06:00
Smh. The problem is both sides for the majority view God as something no different then a Unicorn or another mythical creature. The vision of God as this bearded man, similar to Zeus, is so adversely distributed among the society that it becomes really easy to be an atheist, because believing in something like that is nonsense. The sad thing is this depiction of God is still believed by most theists. When you stop seeing God as something as mythical as a Unicorn you'll understand that the concept of God is deeper than we can comprehend and far beyond us. Moving on, God isn't a manlike deity in the clouds he most likely has no bodily form. The concept of God is a mystery.
MHenry says2015-09-30T20:57:19.0836864Z
1. God and Physics Imagine for a moment that there was absolutely nothing. A single, still and silent black void without life, thought, light, substance or activity of any kind existed everywhere, forever and without end. If there was ever a time, even a moment that such a condition solely existed, it would have been all that could ever be because there would have been nothing to ever cause any change. The existence of something now is the proof there always had to be something. That “Something” is what we call existence. Existence is made of two foundational elements. Those elements had to always exist. The first eternal element is “Energy.” If there was ever a time when energy did not exist, it could never have existed because the only force that could initiate energy is energy itself. As a perpetual force, it is that it is. That is the meaning and depiction of the infinity symbol. Since all things are composed of energy, before anything else there was energy. The second eternal element is “Consciousness.” Just as energy could only come from energy, consciousness can only come from consciousness. If there was ever even a moment when existence was completely without consciousness there would have been no force to initiate its beginning therefore consciousness has also always existed. Existence is composed of energy and consciousness. Because there was no time prior to the existence, energy and consciousness are the beginning, rather than a point in linear time. Together, energy and consciousness form life and an entity. We call that entity, God. God unquestionably exists according to the laws of physics. By higher laws of physics, everything has an opposite. Nothing and Existence are two such opposites. Outside of God there is Nothing. Outside of Nothing there is God. If there was no God, there would still be nothing. Science and spirit are one integrated process. In a biblical story, in Exodus 3:14, Moses asks God his name. God answered, “I am that I am.” The answer simply stated the condition of eternal elements. They are that they are.

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