Experiment: Which would you choose?

Posted by: Valkrin

You have been chosen for a secret study on the effect of different medicines. There are four medicines to choose from, with each having its own powers and sets of rules. Failure to comply by the rules will result in a reaction inside the body that will end your life in a painful way. Out of these four, which power would you choose, and why? (When you vote, please explain why)

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Telekinesis: manipulation of matter using your mind. Telekinesis has the potential to be many of the other powers listed. However, limitations of the drug prevent full telekinesis. This version of telekinesis allows for manipulation of some forms o... f matter to move at your will. This includes elements, random objects, etc. With this version you do NOT gain the ability to fly, manipulate others' thought, or turn invisible, etc., as well as anything for malicious purposes. With telekinesis, you cannot move heavy stationary objects (or objects meant to be stationary), such as buildings, trees, and houses, alter the earth, or use this power for any malicious means. Failure to comply by the drug rules results in death   more
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Temporal Vision

Temporal Vision: the gift of seeing into the past and future. With free will, you can see into the past and future and stay for a long time. Once entering the state, you instantly fall asleep, even for a very brief time. You never need to eat, slee... p, or drink in this state, unless you enter the state in one of those moods. For 1 year in another time period, one minute passes in the real world. This means that if you decided to do it before you went to bed, and you slept for eight hours, you would stay in the time world for 480 YEARS. Of course, you can leave at your own discretion. You never age in the time period. You age at your rate in the real world. There is, however, some huge downsides to this state. You cannot tell of your travels or what you saw to anyone, and you cannot interfere with anyone or anything in this state, and the people there cannot see/hear/touch/smell/taste you. Even if you try to fire a gun at them or swing an object at them, they will not feel it. Even if a means is found to interfere, you cannot do so. You are also not invincible, and can still feel pain. After a certain threshold, you can feel the pain in your real body, and after enough pain you could potentially die in the real world. Failure to comply by the drug rules results in death   more
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Nature Control

Elemental Control: the gift of controlling certain aspects of nature.This is a highly controversial one, so many limitations had to be made for this. With this power, you control the Earth. You can control when the sun sets/rises, when seasons happe... n, what the weather is like, etcetera. However, there are EXTREME limits with this.• The sun must rise in proportion with each time zone (i.E. It shouldn't be night at 12 PM in your time zone)• You cannot cause natural disasters   more
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Traditional Powers

Traditional Powers: typical powers often portrayed in comic books. This is where the power to fly, turn invisible, and powers such as that lie. You choose ONE of the following by choosing this drug: • Flying • Invisibility • Empowerment of one of t... he five main senses to an extreme degree • Super Strength • Thought Altering (alter someone else's or your own thoughts) Once of of these is chosen, you gain this power. The rule is very simple: You MUST use this power for good upon receiving it, which means you cannot do anything that has a more negative than positive effect by using this power. Failure to comply by the drug rules results in death   more
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dbushwacker says2014-12-09T14:10:28.9610845-06:00
@Valkrin, I think the Avatar would be under elemental/nature control, if you're talking about the Avatar I'm thinking of.
Valkrin says2014-12-09T18:35:24.1749786-06:00
@dbushwacker Elemental control is control of the nature around you. In this case, Telekinesis would be the bending of different materials, such as the Avatar. And @Eli01, you cannot interfere with the world you traveled to and you cannot speak of your travels to anyone. Read the drug rules.

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