Extraterrestrials living among us?

Posted by: Najs

Do you think there are extraterrestrials already living among us? Another species that looks similar enough to pass as human? If so, share your thoughts of why they are here.

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No. That's stupid.

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Possible but unlikely. There is no clear motivation. Animals evolve similar characteristics to cope with similar adversities, it stands to reason that an intelligent animal capable of interstellar travel should have overcome similar adversities in the past.

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Yes. Most likely few are already here and we are unaware

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The foul xenos are not among us, but they are out there.

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Najs says2015-06-06T16:10:49.6035413-05:00
@AnnStarbuck, just because we see no evidence doesn't mean they do not exist among us. Why would they want to be known?

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