Extroverts tend to be more smarter (quick witted), but introverts tend to be more intelligent.

Posted by: reece

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  • Extroversion and introversion have no bearing on intellect or "smartness." These are dictated by completely different factors, such as whether or not the person is perceiving or judging, thinking or feeling, etc.. Extroversion and introversion only dictate where one gets his/her energy from, others or themselves, respectively.

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  • No correlation whatsoever. Also, "more smarter".... GG.

  • Introverts are better witted, smarter, and more intelligent than extrotards. Kys, poll creator.

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reece says2016-07-04T07:50:43.1011189Z
@David_Debates Do perceivers and thinkers tend to be introverted?
reece says2016-07-04T08:14:32.1822007Z
You could probably categorize political parties.
Janerover says2016-07-04T09:42:10.2165148Z
Grammatically incorrect!!! There is no 'more smarter.' It is 'smarter' or 'more smart'.
reece says2016-07-04T10:01:21.2066488Z
@Janerover Okay, i'll reframe the question for you, since you seem to have some difficulty understanding it -- Do you agree with the logic behind the statement?
Janerover says2016-07-04T10:19:48.0947347Z
Reece - that's a bit of an insulting comment, isn't it, considering that the whole vote is based on an intelligence system.
triangle.128k says2016-07-04T10:33:09.4680672Z
@reece Do leaders tend to be extroverted?
reece says2016-07-04T10:44:07.0035901Z
@Janerover It's a personality system.
reece says2016-07-04T10:48:17.3884051Z
@triangle.128k Yes.
reece says2016-07-04T10:50:38.3527159Z
They almost have to be. When it comes to personalities, society relies on a nexus. Kinda like yin-yang.
reece says2016-07-04T10:56:15.8496061Z
Correction: I should say society is a nexus.
triangle.128k says2016-07-04T11:04:21.5892679Z
@reece Introverts and Extroverts just have different ways of using their brainpower. Neither are necessarily smarter or more intelligent than the other.
reece says2016-07-04T11:13:30.0558943Z
@triangle.128k Read my comment to David_Debates. The key word is t̲e̲n̲d̲. Anyway, it doesn't even matter that much. It would only really matter in dictatorships.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-04T15:33:40.8077135Z
This poll is a little stereotypical and also grammatically incorrect! More smarter should be more smart!
reece says2016-07-04T15:46:46.4544218Z
@Foodiesoul The key word is t̲e̲n̲d̲. Also read the conversation Janerover and I had.
David_Debates says2016-07-04T16:51:16.1742310Z
No, not really. My father was introverted and I am extroverted, but I doubt we differed in intellect. Introversion and extroversion dictate only one area of the personality: where you get your energy.
reece says2016-07-04T17:28:53.5502483Z
@David_Debates It was meant to be a trick question. Here's something to read... http://www.talentinsights.com/blog/introverted-thinking-vs-extroverted-thinking/
David_Debates says2016-07-04T20:33:11.9359879Z
Interesting article. Still, introversion and extroversion are separate, a thinker can be extroverted or introverted the same as a feeler.
reece says2016-07-04T21:57:51.5769890Z
@David_Debates 1. I didn't say introversion and extroversion are the same thing. 2. A feeler doesn't inherently lack quick-wittedness or intelligence. What's your point?
David_Debates says2016-07-04T22:19:42.8913553Z
My point is that personality does not affect intellect. What is yours?
reece says2016-07-04T22:54:29.3535296Z
@David_Debates 1. Yes it does, if you have a disposition to certain qualities. Again, we're talking about tendencies. 2. What point?
David_Debates says2016-07-05T03:32:02.4935557Z
I think what you mean to say is that an extrovert can more easily explain his/her thoughts, while it is harder for an introvert to. This still, however, has no bearing on intellect, just communication.
reece says2016-07-05T10:14:08.8290945Z
@David_Debates No, that's not what I mean. It's about how they think. Read the article again if you must. Or are you being intellectually dishonest.
David_Debates says2016-07-05T17:46:39.1890644Z
So it is not about how much they know (intellect), but how their thought process works? That is a completely different question.
reece says2016-07-05T21:17:35.6829681Z
@David_Debates Again, no. A persons thought process leads to how much they know.
reece says2016-07-05T21:29:29.6462979Z
... And the complexity of those thoughts.
David_Debates says2016-07-05T21:30:30.8294552Z
How so? A person's thought process doesn't mean they know more or less than someone else.
reece says2016-07-05T21:46:27.4878714Z
@David_Debates Yes it does. It gives them greater potential to know more.
reece says2016-07-05T21:58:00.1255911Z
... For example, a great sense of curiosity. Greater the persons curiosity, the greater the need to know.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-08T06:41:31.3536205Z
Omfg. Reece, kys. Extrotard.
reece says2017-02-08T07:08:55.0164205Z
I'm an introtard thank you very much!
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-08T20:27:45.0335794Z
No one cares, extrotard. Stfu, "reece".
triangle.128k says2017-02-08T21:39:40.6487794Z
@samantha Holy fuck, you're aggressive as hell.
reece says2017-02-09T00:46:41.7081485Z
@triangle.128k She just has a crush on me. This is just schoolyard antics.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-09T01:10:12.7175794Z
I don't have a crush on anyone.
reece says2017-02-09T01:12:42.4307794Z
First comes denial
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-09T01:17:16.3667794Z
Lol. Stfu.
reece says2017-02-09T01:41:21.5663794Z
Do you suck dick with that mouth?
SamanthatheConservative says2017-02-09T01:44:17.9399794Z
reece says2017-02-09T01:47:36.8867794Z
What a shame. Well, have a good day.

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