Eyeball Tattoos Are The Newest Craze.

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • People know what the risks are and/or some people suit it.

  • The risks are too great if not done right and/or they look ugly.

30% 6 votes
70% 14 votes
  • I love the aesthetic of eye tattoos and think they are a great cosmetic. However I personally would not get one due to the risks of going blind. Some people may find it worth it if they get it done to one eye at a time so that if they do lose their vision they don't go blind completely.

  • I think its risky, but in the future it might have a non-risky method thus it will be fine overall to do as I am pro transhumanism in any way shape or form.

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reece says2015-11-05T18:31:17.9742749Z
Imagine someone walking into a church, mosque, etc with an eyeball tattoo XD
ZacGraphics says2015-11-05T18:39:10.5721528Z
@reece I'm not sure about your church, but my church doesn't really care what people look like, at least in general. Would you be judged for doing this? Sure. I personally don't need them, as my eyes are naturally bloodshot, but that's besides the point. However, I'm sure it would be hard becoming employed with these. As, some employers already don't accept regular tattoos in thw work place. I don't prefer them, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that they're ugly. It seems VERY risky, and I don't think it worth it, at the chance of having eyeball damage.
reece says2015-11-05T18:41:38.3510981Z
I don't have a church. But thanks for your insight.
briantheliberal says2015-11-05T21:15:20.1383837Z
Why would someone do this to themselves? Are full body and genitalia tattoos not enough anymore???
reece says2015-11-05T21:19:00.8925686Z
Dilara says2015-11-06T01:46:58.6277536Z
Gross and creepy.
Renegader says2015-11-06T04:42:10.3372609Z
I personally don't have any problem with it. Not saying I would do it lol, but tattoos are awesome if you have a good placement.
HannahC2002 says2015-11-22T23:49:22.3445680Z
This is insane! What if something went wrong? I would never get one of these, as I already have an eye problem in one eye and I certainly don't want to go blind. Besides, it would be extremely painful.

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