• Fallout 3

  • Fallout New Vegas

44% 11 votes
56% 14 votes
  • I haven't really played New Vegas so I'm kind of biased but I played Fallout 3 for over 80 hours and I had fun every minute of it. Also, the modding community really keeps the game alive.

  • The plot holes of Fallout 3 are like a door to the story of Fallout 4.

  • I think the story, choices and improvements in New Vegas make it a "better game", but I still have to go with Fallout 3. Perhaps if Fallout New Vegas was released first then I would change my mind about that. I played close to 1000 hours of Fallout 3 and still remember so much about it. I don't remember a lot about Fallout New Vegas.

  • Although New Vegas had what I felt was a more diverse set of side missions I liked how dense 3 was. Plus the main story for 3 didn't make it feel as if they just made you go from town to town and talk to every settlement

  • For me, Fallout New Vegas felt more like a long DLC than an actual game

  • Although I like the Capital Wasteland better, I like New Vegas storyline and gameplay choices.

  • From what I found, Fallout 3 defies a lot of the lore and violates some rules, as well as creates plotholes. However New Vegas stays true to the original lore. Both are great games though

  • More freedom, more choice. The athmosphere is not as good, but the game just felt a bit more developed.

  • You get more freedom with how you want to win the game, and the in game economy seems more legit. I mean, in fallout 3 fat man was like under a thousand caps in full condition, its like 10000 in new vegas. I also like the look of the mojave desert.


  • I loved fallout new Vegas the characters were more memorable so we're the quotes plus my favorite dlc will always be lonesome road

  • I liked New Vegas better it lasted longer for me, you can play it many times as there are different endings and factions while in Fallout 3 you can only side with The Brotherhood Of Steel

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Lbjhess says2016-02-09T17:07:58.2808341Z
Yes Fallout New Vegas is a great game but fallout 3 is better.

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