Fascist or anarchist

Posted by: russian_metaphor_man

What society would you rather live in?

  • Fascism

  • Anarchism

24% 4 votes
76% 13 votes
  • Both are really terrible systems but with facism oppression is garenteed while in anarchism theres a possibility that it wont occur.

  • Anarchism in as much as it is Libertarianism.

  • Seems less likely to work than fascism does, but I'd prefer it immensely.

  • I believe a structureless, stateless, classless society based on common morals and not laws would be more stable than what we have.

  • Anarchism has worked in small communities a number of times throughout history. It should be the focussed upon by mankind more. We should work to find a way in which to refine and perfect an Anarchist theory that is applicable to larger societies.

  • Why oppress others when everyone can be free?

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