Faster car

Posted by: ILoveCars

24 Total Votes

Bugatti Veyron (original version)
18 votes

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (automatic)
6 votes
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max.vaughan says2015-06-13T20:47:51.0500410-05:00
The veyron is actually faster
krayracker says2015-07-25T12:24:27.2529238-05:00
This is not a poll...
BlazeX13 says2015-11-29T07:10:09.9906247Z
WTF with this comparison?! Of course you can argue that Veyron's design is hideous. But you still cannot deny the fact that the Veyron is still a faster car. It rivals the SSC Ultimate Aero. So why the hell do you want to compare it with the SRT Hellcat (forget about the automatic thing! It still would not change the fact.) p/s: Unless the SRT Hellcat is souped up with nitrous boost and extreme makeover (eg: dragtimes), hell yeah, it would probably beat the Veyron.

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