Feel the bern.

Posted by: reece

New poll puts Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/12/new-poll-bernie-sanders-ahead-hillary-clinton-new-hampshire

  • You better believe it

  • This doesn't mean anything

75% 12 votes
25% 4 votes
  • Berning hotter than a carolina reaper

  • For starters, the term "Socialism" has been abused throughout history. The USSR's Stalin forced was not for the people but rather his regime. He forced the people into rapidly expanding weapon manufacturing and agriculture to meet the supply of his army. This was not even "communism" by the definition of any true Marxist and does not dare compare to true "socialism". Dictators like Stalin and Lenin made the country center around their ideals and not the other way around. Lastly, Hitler was a"fascist" who discriminated against a whole race of people. Sanders is a "Democratic Socialist" whom is for the everyday working class American and his pursuit a decent life. He opposes warfare in nearly every way and has the genuine good intentions for the poor, elderly, and minorities. So yeah, Maybe you should had put a photo up of Bush or better yet Trump!

  • Cant wait for Trump to feel the Bern, the Bern of being fired.

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triangle.128k says2015-08-13T05:35:49.0587865Z
Biased poll
IndependentTruth says2015-08-13T05:59:14.2221939Z
How is it biased? It's just asking whether or not Bernie Sanders being ahead in New Hampshire is that important
Death23 says2015-08-13T08:40:50.0135539Z
Sanders is not "ahead of Hillary Clinton" simply because Sanders is ahead of Clinton in Sanders' home state of New Hampshire.
Death23 says2015-08-13T08:41:46.0335130Z
Bah he's from Vermont, but my point's still valid.
IndependentTruth says2015-08-13T09:34:24.7826766Z
Valid point, but New Hampshire is still a very important state for the democratic primary, one that Hillary won last time around. Most polls show Sanders continuing his gains, and with the recent intensification of Hillary's email scandal, it's looking bleaker and bleaker for her campaign.
Sarra says2015-08-13T09:47:44.7402045Z
Who knows. The primary is still 6 months away. I'm very envious of England's election process (1 month and done).
reece says2015-08-13T10:12:29.1892048Z
@Julius_Martov I used the pic of Hitler as a joke. It's the same as calling North Korea "the democratic people's republic"
Julius_Martov says2015-08-13T10:23:07.5082119Z
@reece I knew it was joke, so what? Whether it was or not I would have reacted the same. As for North Korea, names can be misleading, take the "United States of America"..A place where numerous states are trying to secede and where the congress cannot and will not work for the people or their elected President.
reece says2015-08-13T10:33:35.8334396Z
@Julius_Martov I was making sure you knew...
USN276 says2015-08-13T14:27:08.0304608Z
Why the hell would anyone want bernie Sanders for president? How could an intellectual leader possibly want millions of illegal immigrants from poor, low IQd hispanic countries into the U.S, and expect us to advance farther? And what kind of smart leader thinks "scary looking" guns need to be banned because they are cosmetically "frightening"?
Philocat says2015-08-13T14:28:18.4707970Z
...Only in New Hampshire...
tajshar2k says2015-08-13T14:32:49.7662514Z
@USN276 Bernie never said any of this. He is anti-immigrant for Mexico.
TBR says2015-08-13T15:27:02.0653840Z
@USN276 - Bernie is very far right on guns within the party. As for immigration, you need to do some research before you speak so definitively

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