Fellow Canadians, Do you approve of Justin Trudeau right now?

Posted by: Hanson13

I sure as hell don't, But I want to hear other opinions

  • Yes, I feel like he is doing a good job for our country.

  • No, I feel like he is doing a terrible job for our country

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • He's better than Harper, but that's not saying much. I'm glad he's in only because he's the only candidate that was willing to overturn Canada's archaic marijuana prohibition laws (if only he were willing to legalize ALL drugs). Once that's done, he can GTFO. He's a regressive SJW.

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Anonymous says2016-12-01T00:42:55.8617955Z
He's made some idiotic and cringeworthy comments, but it's too early for me to judge. His fiscal performance is more important.
sunstreamer says2016-12-21T18:41:21.1065700Z
I mean, he hasn't done a lot, so no he isn't doing the best job. But, he's a lot better than Harper, and being right after Harper, I can't really blame him.

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