Female criminals should be put in same prison with male criminals

Posted by: jaksunmadness

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Women criminals deserves rights even behind bars!
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Will make them never want to commit a crime again and that will make prisons cheaper to build without need to build separate cells.
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Cold-Mind says2014-08-13T03:20:14.8896260-05:00
No. Both women and men deserve some rights in the prison, but not right to sex. Prison sentence is supposed to be punishment.
1814Username says2014-08-13T11:00:36.6913315-05:00
Women are equal to me, so they should have the same sentences and same conditions. We are hypocrites in this country. The majority gender only makes up 7% of the prisoners. But really we are kidding ourselves. There are many many innocent people in prison. Anyone who has ever been in a courtroom knows that guilt or innocence really does not matter. This is how the land of the free can have 1/3 of the entire world's prisoners. Lots of money in incarceration. Of course, most people on debate.Org are kids who do not know there head from a hole in the ground, so they have no idea about the realities of things.
IRISH13 says2014-08-13T15:36:43.0377863-05:00
1814username: DDO obviously isn't designed for adults, it's designed for kids as you can tell from many of the poll options that hall monitors chose not to take down. We don't know are head from a hole in the ground? Your 40 and at 12:00 on a wednesday your telling kids on DDO they don't know there head from a hole in the ground, do you not have a job? Most people on DOO must be intelligent enough because they wanted to join a debating website. Does it concern you that kids on DDO don't know the reality of things? Or does it annoy you. I know if it annoyed you you wouldn't be on DDO, and if it concerns you don't worry we'll learn. :)
Duncan says2014-08-14T05:51:35.5241384-05:00
Prison isn't just punishment. It's a deterrent and a form of rehabilitation. The US penal system is flawed and only focuses on punishment. Having a prison system where some members of the prison are sexually assaulted only serves to scar them mentally which would make rehabilitation impossible and retention inevitable. Roughly 4% of prisoners in the US reported being sexually victimised, and these are same sex prisons. A mixed prison would only become worse. The key here is to see prisoners not as convicted criminals, but people who can be rehabilitated and returned to society. Otherwise you can be sure the criminals you release will be back in prison soon enough.
jaksunmadness says2014-08-14T21:53:25.8425213-05:00
Irish13 why are u even here when its for kids? Are u a pedophile?
jaksunmadness says2014-08-15T16:12:33.1959142-05:00
Prison is not supposed to be a place to be comfortable You put women in with the men they won't ever want to go to prison again.
jaksunmadness says2014-09-13T09:14:59.2478557-05:00
Who cares if the women criminals get raped, PRISON IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A COMFORTABLE VACATION its punishment
earthwind says2014-09-13T09:25:26.2599913-05:00
These are excellent, thought provoking questions. It shows great imagination and a sense of humor. Keep it up. Consider every vote on your poll, every comment, good or bad, a success. I do believe that there are as many detractors on this site as supporters, probably more detractors.

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