Feminism is still necessary as there is still such a thing as gender inequality and rape culture

Posted by: Beyoncebetwice

There is a need for feminism as women are still paid less than men for the same job, women who graduated form college are hired at the same position as a male high school graduate, men still believe they are entitled to make comments about a woman's body and to stare a little too long, to wink, to say "DAMN!" and many other unbelievably rude comments.

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79% 11 votes
  • The real problem is in the Middle East but you know. . . Women here have many problems. Like 'less' paid work, most women just need to get a good job. Not expect the world should pay them more for whatever job they have. Get another scholarship to add-on to the one you have. Most women at my school say that women are smarter and become more matured and just because most of the government is men, automatically assume that the world is sexist? They just a better chance then us. More money and family help.

  • In the United States, under federal law, without express mandates prohibiting the use of such law in state court, women and men are equal.

  • Feminists are narcissists, cowards, free riders, collectivists, baby killers, and Haters of God. God gave each genders different roles. True gender equality is NOT where women have the same roles as men. That is why no one hates women more than feminists.

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Beyoncebetwice says2014-11-18T16:15:56.9130205-06:00
It is not about women not working hard. I know women who work their a**es off for a degree and then don't get paid nearly as much money as a man for the exact same position. But you know women have the right to vote so that means everything is equal and men can do and whatever they want.
Vox_Veritas says2014-11-18T16:19:41.2170095-06:00
Equal pay isn't always a good idea. Let's say that the job in question is in construction, picking tomatoes in a field, being in the army, or logging. Women generally cannot do the work in these jobs as well as men can, because it is physically taxing. Should they be paid the same then?
atheist-eo says2014-11-18T16:25:19.2395220-06:00
Beyoncebetwice says2014-11-18T16:28:34.2704940-06:00
Yes they should? If they are doing the same work they should be payed the same amount of money. It's just sexist to say no they shouldn't.
ben671176 says2014-11-18T18:11:26.2198930-06:00
Shouldn't be helping all of the women forced to be sex slaves? Http://abcnews.Go.Com/2020/story?Id=132685

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