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Feminism is bad

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Feminism was once a great movement, but it moved from an effort to collaborate with men to one that shows hate.

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Feminism is good

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Thegreatdebate98 says2016-10-20T20:33:48.9182757Z
It is important to focus on the issues, and not simply dispute Feminism by stating, "But men are oppressed too," because the oppression of women cannot be ignored. It is still apparent, even in the first world. However, not in the way that most Feminists believe. The wage gap for example, it has absolutely nothing to do with sexism and imaginary patriarchy, and has been disputed countless times.
Mister_Man says2016-10-21T00:41:14.7254554Z
Hey greatdebate, wanna give us an example of how women are oppressed in first world countries such as Canada, the US, or Australia? Because that seems to be where most feminists are infecting.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-21T04:07:50.6890741Z
@Mister_Man Women are definitely oppressed here in Australia although not as much as they used to be they still are in terms of violation of privacy, sexual harassment and bullying.
Mister_Man says2016-10-21T05:46:23.9928981Z
@Knaveslayer - Everyone can be victims of violation of privacy, sexual harassment and bullying. Women aren't the only people that suffer from these things. Try again.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-21T16:22:52.0132441Z
@Mister_Man I am aware Women aren't the only victims but they are a majority of the victims here how about instead of saying Try Again you actually look up some facts or take an actual Australian's word for it.
Mharman says2016-10-25T16:34:12.8570986Z
@Knaveslayer99: Third Wave Feminism a left-wing thing, stupid. Yes, it is women superiority, but today's feminism is even worse.
farmerjump1 says2016-10-27T17:39:28.7250935Z
Boi The difference between a brick wall and a feminist: A brick wall won't interrupt everything you say.
Mharman says2016-10-27T19:01:19.3401716Z
@farmerjump1: OHHHHHHHHHHH!
Mister_Man says2016-10-31T03:04:18.9132834Z
@knaveslayer - LOL a feminist telling me to look up facts. Okay, if women are so oppressed because they're the majority of violation of privacy victims, I guess men are MORE oppressed because they make up the majority of murder victims, assault victims, homeless population, suicide victims, and have next to zero support groups to help with actual issues. And whatever conferences men do have to support themselves, feminists disrupt by pulling fire alarms and telling us to "check our privilege." Meanwhile some guy just saved up half a year's salary to buy her a ring because society expects men to pamper women in every way possible. But please do go on and tell me how oppressed women are. Feminism is a disease.
mostlogical says2016-11-03T10:54:49.9867040Z
Fangirling-oreo - nobody needs to be sexist, thus nobody needs feminism
TheCoolestLoser says2016-11-03T20:46:50.0198973Z
Gender equality makes perfect sense, third-wave feminism makes absolutely no sense.

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